What character traits are typical of your zodiac and apply to you? Learn now all elements of the characters of each star sign.

Zodiac Aries 21.03 – 20.04

The element of the zodiac sign is the fire and is ruled by Mars. Aries are open and honest, diplomacy is not their thing. Energetic and courageous, they become active immediately instead of waiting in peace. Sometimes it comes to words that hit the mark, but can hurt. Aries are very purposeful as zodiac signs. They love the danger, the risk and the quick decision. The element fire gives the ram much human warmth. They are caring and sympathetic.

Zodiac Taurus 21.04 – 20.05

His element is the earth and he is ruled by the planet Venus. A bull is natural, has taste and knows how to enjoy the beautiful things in life. Taurus are energetic and yet patient. He approaches things patiently and purposefully, but he has a tall one in critical situations to keep calm. He prefers to take his time but the quality is important. The bull has strength and firm will. Venus gives it creativity, but the bull is very close to the ground and important to him is the reality. To relax, bulls need nature. Due to the strong connection to nature, the bulls are gardening or plant care.

Zodiac Gemini 21.05 – 21.06

Their element is air and they are ruled by Mercury. Gemini need variety and communication. They make contacts very quickly, but they do not last long. Through their stunning charm, they drive their fellow human beings to quickly forget the small unreliability. Even though twins sometimes talk a lot and are seemingly open, they keep their second face to themselves. The twin struggles to make a decision, he prefers to have several options and try a little of them all. He acts faster than others and can do several things at once. So he constantly needs new food for his waking mind. The twins love to travel, walking from place to place gives life to them, because they may be informed and have seen everything.

Zodiac Cancer 22.06 – 22.07

His element is the water and his planet is the moon. Hard shell, soft core – so the crabs are very emotional, but it takes them to open their hearts to others. They always have some advice for others, but they are often at a loss for their worries. The cancer likes to watch, listens well and cautiously approaches friendships. The crabs are very sensitive and if they have problems, they quickly retire under their shell. When their help is needed by fellow human beings, they give everything for it. A major drawback to cancer is its pessimism. So he also tries to protect his fellow men from danger and sometimes unconsciously he calls them out. The moon changes daily, so the crabs change their mood very often, which sometimes annoys the others.

Zodiac Leo 23.07 – 23.08

His element is the fire and his planet is the sun. He likes to stand under the limelight and yearns for admiration. Lions know how to use their attractions and conquer very quickly. His sunny charisma makes him popular and he likes to be at the center of society. The lion loves luxury and likes to impress his fellow human beings. The typical lion tries to get to the top, his sense of justice is very strong and therefore he is a symbol of courage, power and deliberation. The lion likes to take on responsibility, but he is choosy about tasks and has his own ideas.

Zodiac Virgo 24.08 – 23.09

Your element is Earth and your planet is Mercury. The proverbial virgin critically observes her environment. The fawns are very correct, organized and punctual. She is interested in success and achievement, has a good assertiveness and makes her affairs with an intelligent mind. The born ones under these signs are very intelligent and inquisitive. In fact, many virgins are teachers. The advice of a virgin is always valuable, she knows a lot from different areas.

Zodiac Libra 24.09 – 23.10

Your element is air and your planet is Venus. Libra loves harmony and peace. Due to her diplomatic nature, she unconsciously faces quarrels between the fronts, so she keeps a safe distance from arguments. Stylish, friendly and neat they criticize with a smile and are not always understood correctly. When making important decisions, the scales take their time, get different opinions and think everything over in peace. The sense of justice is very strong, especially when it comes to money, the scales are always fair.

Zodiac Scorpio 24.10 – 22.11

This zodiac is governed by the planets Pluto and Mars and its element is the water. The scorpion with its poisonous sting provides respect and even fear, so have the born scorpions with Voerurteils to fight. Strong and proud personalities are the scorpions, their analytical thinking, lets nothing pass him by. They are individualists and need to be challenged to feel comfortable. Watching, when a scorpion is in attack mood, he knows no mercy!

Zodiac Sagittarius 23.11 – 21.12

A fire star sign with the planet Jupiter. They are very lively and optimistic. Very generous and free, the shooter always needs adventure. As open and tactless the shooters are called. Ruthlessly they say what they think and their good faith sometimes puts them in uncomfortable situations. In their quest for freedom, the shooters may be religiously and esoterically oriented.

Zodiac Capricorn 22.12 – 20.01

Its element is the earth and its planet Saturn. Capricorn is a performance-oriented, deliberate and courageous personality. His rise is never too steep, because he is stubborn and hard-working and therefore they make many insurmountable career leaps. The Capricorn has no sense of fashion and trends, so he is satisfied with the classic timeless quality. But the good quality is estimated. His sense of duty makes him fulfill his orders, only sometimes he pretends too much. Capricorn is an outspoken realist and stands firm with both legs in life.

Zodiac Aquarius 21.01 – 19.02

His element is the air and his planets Saturn and Uranus. The Aquarians are difficult to assess so it is never boring with them. They love being independent and are very creative, but sometimes their stamina is theirs. Unusual as his ideas is also the acquaintance of Aquarius, everything that is extraordinary attracts him. In addition one can say that the Aquarius is a true friend.

Zodiac Pisces 20.02 – 20.03

Your element is the water and the planet Neptune. Fish are sometimes difficult to understand, but very sensitive and vulnerable. They like to avoid the clashes, have a good intuition and thus they feel the dangers, which also helps to use the given Chanchen properly. Very modest, they have a big heart for others who need their help. Sometimes this can be called weakness, because often the good nature of the fish leads in the wrong direction and is exploited.

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