The cool water right next to the entrance – this dream does not have to be a dream. Depending on budget and taste, the trade offers a wide variety of models. The range extends from free-standing round pools to built-in pool systems and the do-it-yourself pool.

You want to know how much a pool costs? This article would like to inform you in detail about the different models in the different price ranges. Have fun while reading!

A short overview

The individual types of pools differ in three key points:

  • Size of the pelvis
  • Purchase price and running costs
  • Expenses for construction and maintenance

The paddling pool

Spring lasts only briefly; the thermometer jumps from 15 degrees to 28 degrees. On such days, especially the children are happy, if you spontaneously open the bathing season. The easiest and cheapest option for this is provided by a paddling pool.

The trade offers different versions. Toddlers get their money’s worth in the turtle pool as well as the older siblings in the paddling pool with integrated slide and sunscreen. For a high-quality baby pool, the customer pays around twenty euros. The inflatable water park for the really big ones starts at sixty euros.

The benefits of the paddling pool are obvious. You can set it up easily on the terrace and in the garden. Just make sure that the surface is as level as possible and remove sharp stones, branches or other objects with sharp edges. The inflatable pool needs no special care and simply overwinters in a box. Another plus: Move the pelvis as needed. To protect your children from too much sun and at the same time protect the lawn under the paddling pool.

In recent years, numerous wading pools have been “eco-tested” because they contain plasticizers. These substances are now banned and trade has responded. Nevertheless, make sure that you buy a product without pollutants.

Pools to set up

The pool is set up like a paddling pool at the desired place. These pools guarantee bathing fun for the whole family. With a length of three to four meters, a width of two meters and a depth of one meter on average, they offer plenty of space.

The manufacturers have rectangular and round models in the program. Cheap pools cost about one hundred euros and have to be filled with air. The nobler version consists of a steel frame and integrated filter pump. There are at least three hundred euros. In the budget you should additionally take into account electricity costs and spare parts.

A Aufstellpool requires some preparation. A full basin that is three meters long, two meters wide and one meter deep weighs around six hundred kilograms. The ground should be level. Otherwise you have to straighten it out. In addition, a loose bottom could sag. So you can enjoy carefree bathing pleasure only if you have a solid surface or if you have stabilized the soil with it.

In principle, a concrete floor would be conceivable, but the effort is relatively high. Concrete has to dry out well before setting up the pool. Meanwhile, the most beautiful sunny days may pass.

Installation tools: a sporty pleasure

If you want to call a permanently installed pool your own, you have to do more work. The purchase must be well considered, after all, the pool is permanently integrated into the garden. The built-in tool is more care-intensive and more expensive than the other models. For this, he provides his owners with pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment.

Built-in tools are ideal for sociable party animals as well as for the ambitious recreational athlete. Very popular are rectangular models and basins in the shape of a recumbent eight. An average pool is five to eight meters long and three meters wide. With a water depth of 120 centimeters it is suitable for swimming. Depending on the size and equipment, a high-quality pool system costs between three thousand and twenty thousand euros. Even in the online shop , you are now very well advised and find a lot of ready made kits, which greatly facilitate the construction.

For nature lovers a swimming pond would be the best solution. He combines natural ambience with sporting ambitions. For the construction of a natural pond, you should calculate about ten thousand euros.

Here are some hints for installation:

  • The heating costs for a pool are not to be underestimated. Ideally reserve a sunny and sheltered space for the pool.
  • To excavate the pit you need a mini excavator, which you can borrow from a hardware store.
  • You will not get along without a concrete base and floor fleece.
  • Some manufacturers also recommend supporting the pool with steel walls. These are usually not included in the sale price.
  • A roof is also necessary for most pools.
  • The pool is best used if the ambience is right. Plan for additional space, time and budget.
  • The installation tool requires regular care. You should also include this time in your planning.

Quick-up pools

You need less effort to run a quick-up pool. This pool variant costs between fifty and five hundred euros. Quick-up pools are an interesting alternative to built-in or above-ground pools. Sporty swimmers should, however, look elsewhere. The manufacturers had in the construction of the product the bathing fun of the whole family in mind. Meanwhile, most hardware stores have quick-access pools in their range.

The basins are made of PVC fabric and weigh about 25 kilograms in the original condition. The pool lives up to its name, it is very easy to set up: first fill the top ring with air. Then let water run into the pool. The water level rises and raises the upper edge of the pool. The pool is almost on its own. The children will be happy.

Do-it-youself Pool: A challenge for passionate home improvement

With the idea to build a swimming pool, it itches itchy home improvement in the fingers. One thing should be clear: you will not save money with it. For a swimming pool three meters wide and five meters long, expenses of around ten thousand euros will come to you.

The following steps are necessary:

  • Dig out the pit
  • Lay cables
  • Concrete the ground
  • Raise the wall
  • Lay the tile

Smaller pools spare the budget. However, the question arises whether the effort is worthwhile for a concrete mini-pool. How about an outdoor or whirlpool tub instead? The models can be built without much effort and cost about a thousand euros. Furnished with a furnace, transform your tub into a hot tube. The bathing fun is guaranteed – 365 days a year.

Conclusion: Big or small, round or square. You can relax, work out and party in the private swimming pool. With the information in this article, you will always find the right model for your needs. Enjoy your free evening in the cool water – alone or with a few friends and a glass of sparkling wine. Enjoy!

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