The furniture made of europallets is today fully “in”, so we offer you a new, exciting project for the weekend –

The self-made pallet sofa can be adapted to your wishes and needs and of course the size of the room. You only need a small amount of materials for the construction: 9-10 europallets (the amount depends on the desired size of the sofa), nails or screws, sandpaper – coarse and fine, wood varnish or glaze in the desired color, a hammer or cordless screwdriver, a grinder, old sponge and a paint roller or brush. First, it is important to get the pallets – they should not be too old and in good condition. Make sure that europallets are different from one-way pallets – they are much more stable and cost at least 10 euros apiece, while the disposable pallets are often delivered free of charge in the supermarket or from the hardware stores. Euro pallets you can find cheap in the classifieds or even reorder on Amazon. And if you’re lucky, you get them for free from a transport company.

Prepare the europallets

As stated above, building a pallet sofa is not a difficult task. Such a piece of furniture is really sturdy and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The first step is to prepare the pallets well. To avoid injury later, you should carefully examine the Euro pallets for protruding nails or splinters. After removing them, clean the wood with the sponge and warm water. Allow the pallets to dry out for a while and sand the wood to make it ideally smooth – first with the grinder, then with the coarse and finally with fine sandpaper. Then the wood is painted or dyed – depending on your personal wishes. Of course you can use a transparent glaze or clear coat for this purpose, but the intense color will give the sofa a happy and attractive look. Allow the paint or paint to dry out very well in the air – which can take more than a day.

Building a pallet sofa – instructions

The correct arrangement of the pallets is the next step. Depending on the desired size of the sofa, you can use the full width of the Euro pallets as a seat or make the sofa slightly smaller by separating the lower parts of the pallets and then attaching them offset. But that’s a bit more complicated, so you may need help with that. After you have determined the seat size, arrange the pallets. To build a corner sofa, place two europallets next to each other on their long sides and the third – under the right wrap. To reach a good height, stack three or six on these three pallets – depending on your wishes. After you are satisfied with the shape and height of the sofa, screw or nail the europallets together so that the whole construction becomes stable. For more stability, attach several boards of appropriate size to the seat. Finally, you should still check whether the paint or the varnish still looks nice – sometimes re-inking or -coating is necessary. For your new pallet sofa, you can still make armrests from three other Euro pallets. They are turned upright and placed lengthwise against the upper end of the seat and fixed firmly with nails or screws.

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