Have you ever thought about refreshing the bathroom with wood panels? Why not! The most common cliché that wood is not suitable for bathrooms has been refuted for years. Wood is just as good for bathrooms as it is for tiles, ceramics, etc. Many people think that wood is not suitable for their bathroom because it does not last long because of the humidity. But! With proper grooming, you can store and enjoy the wood in your bathroom for years to come. Closer inspection would be a wood vanity top in the bathroom a fancy accent in the bathroom, which can be very well combined with counter sinks of all kinds. If you want to know more about grooming a wood vanity top, you can read our tips and find some stylish design ideas in the following article.

A wood vanity top needs proper grooming

A wood vanity top gives the bathroom a special shine. To ensure that you can enjoy it for a long time, you need to properly care for the wooden vanity top. For this purpose, you should oil the wood vanity top carefully and everywhere up to three times a year. Of course, it would be advisable if no water penetrates into the wood material. Therefore, we recommend you to use a hard wax oil. The openings for the faucet and the inner edge of the sink should be sealed with clear silicone. For the base of the top washbasin, only a thin line is enough. When choosing the right wood, be careful that it should be very watertight because the surface of the vanity top is exposed to a lot of water. In this way, you prevent permanent damage.

Wood vanity top is suitable for every style of living

A wood vanity top can be perfectly combined with different living styles – from ultramodern to vintage or rustic. The wood material brings natural feelings with it because of its warm tones. In this way you feel comfortable and comfortable while showering. The brighter, the more comfortable one feels the time spent in the bathroom. Do not forget the fact that the wash plate needs to be strong enough to withstand the construction of the countertop washbasin. You can easily build a washbasin yourself, you will find detailed instructions

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