Being a woman has many advantages, but most of all, beauty. Dear ladies, there are so many ways to be more beautiful and attractive – fashion trends, nail design and last but not least hairstyles. Every woman is interested in what’s trendy and what’s not. We have selected the top women’s hairstyles 2016 for you and we offer you some tips and tricks for unusual and modern looks.

Women’s hairstyles charm in all their form and style

Women’s Hairstyles 2016: Great cuts, saturated colors and new trends for a perfect look

The fashion trends are essential for the beauty world. The women’s hairstyles 2016 are also among them. Hairstyles from the 70s are gaining in popularity again –   wild step cuts, discreet appearance or the recognized brazen fringe bob. The top women’s hairstyles also include curls and waves, which contribute to a natural appearance. What seems to be particularly interesting is that only the middle grade is waved and the tips of the hair remain smooth. This gives the hairstyle an impression of a completely natural look.

Trendy hair colors in 2016

Chocolate brown looks beautiful!

The popular blonde color in different variations

Ombre effects in all kinds of nuances

The popular for decades blonde color with its delicate and natural tones remains in the trend, as well as the mischievous chocolate brown. To give the hairstyle a new look, the hair is dyed in different shades of a color, some shades even mixed together. The Ombre effects with bright tips are still up to date for enchanting appearance. This creates interesting end effects that would certainly attract attention!

Which hairstyle will remain in 2016?

Fringe bob in all manner and form

Dear Ladies, Good News – The Fransenbob remains alive in the beauty world! The texture and variations have changed – with varying length from chin to shoulder length, smooth or wavy, this hairstyle continues to enchant with its originality. But the recognized, popular and unusual short haircut is already back in the classification of the top hairstyles, also for 2016. Another hairstyle, which is also one of the trends of 2016, is the playful pony. To the various varied vertex shapes fits perfectly together.

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