Until recently, the rule of thumb is: “If you want to get cheaper energy bills, you should reduce your power consumption.” But today you can save yourself those efforts and still pay less for electricity. Do not turn off the fridge while on vacation or watch the doors open. Stop it – if you go too deep into the bag for electricity, then it is high time to think about changing your electricity provider. In this post, we’ll give you three reasons to make the change worthwhile, and we’ll also give you a few tips to help you choose, so that you can make a conscious choice.

Use the market economy to lower the electricity bill

According to a market analysis by the Office of Statistics Berlin-Brandenburg, the price of electricity is rising at a fast pace – in the period from April 2016 to April 2017, consumer prices rose by 1.7%. If a longer period is considered, you can see that within 10 years, the price increase for a kilowatt hour is about 40%. The fact can be explained by the fact that the energy turnaround reduces electricity consumption, which in turn leads to some inflation on the electricity market. The best way to lower your electricity bill, despite a price increase, is to beat inflation. The fierce competition between suppliers on the electricity market brings some benefits to end users. Do not miss the opportunity to get a good discount. In recent years, the deductions amount to 250 € on average. As a result, if you make the calculation to pay for electricity at a lower price, you have no choice but to change the electricity provider.

What does it mean to search for the best price offer?

When looking for a new electricity supplier, you must consider how the final price will be calculated. In other words, pay attention to the bonus payments if you decide to switch. Nowadays you can get a hard-cut electricity tariff with low kilowatt-hour price and save up to € 300 a year. In addition, the electricity companies also offer attractive bonuses, such as additional gifts, discounts or vouchers,” as a bonus to attract new customers and build long-term relationship. that why it pays think about the change additional bonuses.>

The change is quick, easy and free

The legal regulation, or better called the liberalization of the electricity market in Germany, allows the annual free change of the electricity supplier. The statistics show that 45% of customers changed their electricity supplier once in their lifetime. In addition to the cheaper price and the additional premiums that are considered to be the main reasons for the change, it is important that the change process is not complicated and runs quite fast. With just a few clicks you have all the offers at a glance and with just as many clicks, the change is already done. In addition, the new supplier assumes the costs for the termination. The only information that you must provide when concluding the contract is the following:

  • Your personal information
  • Name of your current electricity provider
  • Your customer number
  • Your meter number
  • The desired change date

Buy less , choose better!” Vivene Westwood once said. Follow this mantra to find the fastest way to low energy bills! Our tips help you find the best deal that suits your needs and budget. On the one hand, you benefit from a lower electricity tariff on the other, but also from the different premiums and the costs of termination, which reduce the final price even more. The secret behind the low cost of electricity lies not in saving energy and living under energy constraints, but in the wise choice of making a change at the right time.

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