The father is one of the people around the world who is always there for you, and he deserves a day of honor a year to have a small thank you. According to tradition, Father’s Day takes place exactly 40 days after Easter and falls on a Thursday, leaving you plenty of time for something home-made. In addition to a small gift you wish your father “Happy Father’s Day” with a tinkered card. The father’s day card can be made from colored paper, felt, cardboard. The festival gives you a nice opportunity

  1. Do not write what’s in your head, but what’s on your mind! – For greater emotional impact on the card reader, it is not important to have an expression like that of Paolo Coelho. But, everything that comes from the heart rings more authentic and personal.
  2. Copywriting is the secret behind the best written card – Get ideas from sample texts, Father’s Day sayings, songs and poems.
  3. Writing quotes – A quote can be that certain something of your text and also give a personal touch to the Father’s Day card.
  4. Say thank you!
  5. Write by hand!

Write Happy Father’s Day on a homemade Father’s Day card

For Father’s Day, the daddy’s sayings can be funny and the Father’s Day cards – colorful and patterned. The usual motif for the cards are shirt and tie. For this you need a cardboard box, geometric pattern paper, scissors and glue. Cut part of the cardboard box with a length of 29 cm and a width of 10 cm. Write a note on the sheet saying thank you. Great ideas can be found on the internet. Just look for “Sayings for Dad” or “Father’s Day Great Sayings” and collect wonderful inspirations. You can also find poems and songs that you find fitting. The greetings you can write by hand or express directly with

Another often chosen alternative to the previous pattern is a card with a superhero theme. Think about how you see your father and push his look on the map. If you have small children, then you will land them at the craft party. Another great idea is to use children’s photos, because the photos awaken memories for the best moments in life. Count on the personal design of the Father’s Day Card and write great thank-you for daddy inside, so the right surprise and wonderful emotions on this Father’s Day is guaranteed. Down in the gallery you will find nice DIY Ideas for Father’s Day Card Crafting.

Bastelabor: Here you will find stunning and easy DIY Ideas for Father’s Day card

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