You are looking for a table like no one else has? You are skilled and creative? Wine boxes have always fascinated you? Then a table made of wine boxes is just right for you. A table made of fruit boxes offers you many design options.

Natural colors, flamed or glazed, it fits into your living room, on your balcony or the terrace. Painted in bright colors, it is a useful eye-catcher in the nursery. A black or white fruit crate table is a cheap alternative in your student room. The boxes provide space for your current textbooks and other study materials.

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Wine Crate Table – What do I need?

You need the following utensils for your self-made table made of wine boxes:

  • 4 equal size wine boxes
  • screw
  • 4 furniture rolls or table legs with screws
  • abrasive paper
  • Cloth for cleaning the boxes
  • Brush or paint roller
  • paint tray
  • Lacquer or glaze
  • If necessary, a glass plate

The construction manual for the coffee table from wine boxes

The popular wine table coffee table is very easy to build. You need four equally sized wine boxes. You get them individually or as a set of 4 in the online shop such as . You smooth the boxes and clean them with a cloth. Now you arrange them to a square on the ground.

The boxes lie on the longer side, with the open side outwards. A short side panel hits the bottom of another box. You measure the square and draw it on the wooden plate. The square forms the floor on which you glue the boxes. So cut out the square. Now you glue the boxes in the places where they hit each other.

You apply the glue on the strips of a short side part and push the box to the bottom of the next one. So it goes on until all 4 wine boxes are glued together. Next comes the glue on the strips that point upwards. Then you lay the plywood board, press it down and let the construction dry for 24 hours. Then the table is glazed or painted in the color of your choice.

Finally, you screw the furniture scooter, table legs or furniture glides on the bottom plate. Done is the table. In the middle you can put a plant or just leave it free. With a glass top as a table top, the coffee table looks very classy.

In the side openings fit, for example, your favorite books, the glasses, bottles and snacks for the movie night, your knitting, blankets, children’s toys or whatever else you would like to have within reach. With an intermediate board in the individual boxes, your table also becomes a small shelf.

Of course, you can also build smaller or larger tables. Two boxes with the ground glued together form a small table. If you stack several boxes or stack two boxes on top of each other, your table of fruit boxes will be longer or higher. The solid wood gives the table stability. With furniture castors, the table can be moved out of boxes effortlessly to another place.

Fruit crate tables for every style of decor

A table made of wine boxes makes your room individually. It suits every home decor and is quickly assembled. Let your creativity run wild and make your own table out of wine boxes.

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