When you design your apartment, not only the furnishings and decoration are enough. To increase the well-being in your home, think of the window design. The curtains are this part of the apartment that brings coziness and warm ambience. They look beautiful and have many practical purposes. The curtains protect your privacy and you will feel right at home. You can decide for yourself if you leave the sunlight in your house or not. Whether floor-length, translucent or heavy fabrics, the curtains are endless. That’s why we help you with the selection with practical tips and the latest curtains trends. Immerse yourself in the world of breathtaking softs and colors and get ideas for your window design!

Window design: Which types of curtains should we choose?

The window shape plays an important role here. It is recommended that you choose an individual solution from the professional. Most Fester can be personalized without professional help, but with oval or small windows, the design is not so easy. When designing a window, it is still important that you know the exact purpose. There are a number of curtains and you first have to decide if you just want to decorate your home or are looking for privacy and sun protection. If you just want to give a decorative touch of your home, choose curtains with transparent optics in pastel colors. But if you want to protect your privacy, the classic sliders made of heavy fabrics are the right choice for you. Imagine: Curtains that reach down to the windowsill, which are complemented with floor-length scarves – so cozy and charming! The sliding curtains are suitable for large window areas. If you choose these longer, the room will look higher. The short curtains emphasize the length of the room. The pleats and blinds have become a trend. The stunning mix of curtain and curtain is suitable for every style of living and has a warm charisma and special charm.

The curtains have to match the color scheme of the interior

If you adjust the curtains to the interior design and color scheme, you will create a harmonious overall effect and cozy ambience. The curtains must be combined either with the entire style of living and colors, or at least with fabric elements such as pillows or tablecloths. Do not forget the decorative element of the curtains. To bring good mood and more color to your home, choose contrasting colors and floral patterns. The room size plays an important role here. The dark and small rooms become lighter and friendlier in light nuances. Curtains with a transparent sunscreen will enhance the light in the room.

Curtain Trends for Bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, protecting privacy is very important. To protect yourself from prying eyes and to spend a restful night, you need dense curtains with a heavier look. But if you love the light in the morning, combine thin and thicker curtains. The color must necessarily on the bedding vote. Treat yourself to a piece of elegance with patterned curtains in your bedroom. The pastel shades look cozy.

Well-being in the living room is not possible without curtains

The curtains in the living room, which can be combined with heavy curtains, appear puristic and are used more as a decorative element. The window design in living space must be translucent. In this room we want to relax, that is why the harmonious colors, such as blue, green or white are a real eye-catcher! We have collected fascinating examples of curtains for you and collected them in a beautiful picture gallery. Let yourself be inspired!

For the kitchen you choose short curtains in country style

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