Apartments with curtains on the windows make a much cozier impression. The classic curtain is in two parts. The store is a white sub-curtain, the screen provides but allows the light through. Depending on the thickness of the overlying Dekoschal – also known as overgardine – as sunscreen. It is attached to the side of the window and can be pulled in like the lower curtain. For safety’s sake, flame retardant or refractory materials should be preferred. In order to reduce the cleaning effort later, easy-care and dimensionally stable curtains are recommended.

Curtain as a decorative element for more comfort and as visual, sun and sound insulation

Especially with floor to ceiling windows curtains were frowned upon for a long time and were considered stuffy. In the meantime that has changed and windows are decorated, among other things, with translucent polyester curtains. Curtains are not only decorative element, visual and sun protection, but also make a room more comfortable, swallow the sound and thus ensure more peace in the interiors. Linen curtains and curtains made of tightly woven cotton are particularly suitable for this. The thicker and fluffier the curtain, the better you are protected from disturbing noises. While long curtains stretch a room, short curtains emphasize the horizontal.

Curtains for bedrooms and children’s rooms

Bedrooms can be darkened in several ways. An exterior blind is a possibility. It gets fancier, more elegant and more comfortable with an opaque curtain. Depending on the decor, a curtain in the children’s room can emphasize a quiet atmosphere or give the room a nice eye-catcher.

Attach curtains

With curtain rods for a chic window decoration , many types of curtains can be attached. They are mounted above the window and hold the curtain either through loops or a pleated band. When attaching the curtain rod, attention should be paid to sturdy screws and dowels that can support the weight of the curtain for a long time. In addition, even with the curtain closed, the window should tilt easily.

Saddle cloths complete curtains

With valances not only roller shutter boxes but also the curtains suspension can be covered. These smooth or ruched panels form the upper end of the curtain.

Thin steel cables as an alternative form of attachment

The classic curtain rod is now increasingly replaced by thin steel cables, which are attached by means of a bracket either on the wall or on the ceiling.

Standard and custom curtains

Standard size ready-made curtains are readily available and usually cheaper than custom-made models. By simply shortening, they adapt to many common window sizes. With a MaƟgardine your individual ideas are included. Any kind of window can be operated. Here” are some ideas for a successful curtain design.>

Clean curtains

After washing” the curtains> in the washing machine, they can be hung directly on the curtain rod again. Thanks to the residual moisture, the curtain pulls down, making it smooth even without ironing. For heavy curtains, the extra weight should be considered.

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