Two candles are already burned out, now comes the third candle to the series. The candlelight illuminates your beautifully decorated home. But have you decorated your windows for Christmas? The beautiful window decoration hanging or standing brightens the warm mood in the cool winter. We offer some great ideas for a Christmas window decoration that can turn into a real eye-catcher. Put on one of the classics in the window decoration – the candle arch that never goes out of fashion, or opt for home-made decoration that is hanging on the window. Read our article and let yourself be inspired so that you can decorate room by room, window by window.

Fantastic window decoration hanging

As the days get shorter, the time comes for decoration. Imagine being wrapped in a couch, under the warm blanket and looking at the snow through the beautifully decorated window. Are you now captivated by the Christmas spirit? So you have good Christmas mood for decoration. But you should opt for the type of window decoration. Here are the most famous variants:

  • Christmas curtains – Beautiful curtains with Christmas motifs pep up the mood very well.

  • A fairy lights create a feel-good ambience and care about lightening the gray, cool and wintery atmosphere. Everywhere in the shops there is a great variety of fairy lights – monochrome, colorful, long, short etc. Here we give you some ideas how to decorate your window. From some branches you make a star and then wrap it with fairy lights. So you have an eye catcher that hangs on the window. Our second idea is: with a few hula-hoops you can make a brilliant decoration for outdoors. Just sprinkle the tires in black and then wrap the tires with a fairy lights. Another great idea is with the help of a shoebox, small art trees, cotton or artificial snow and little animal toys. Make small holes in the box and put the lights of the fairy lights through. Design the other elements to create a beautiful Christmas picture. Let your imagination run wild and make great decorations!

    Gorgeous decoration on the windowsill and on the window glass

    Do you have a big window at home? Then we have the perfect Christmas window decoration. Search the internet for “snowflakes free templates” and download some templates. Print the snowflakes in different sizes at home and cut out the snowflakes. Arrange the snowflakes that a fir tree will emerge. Nice, free and easy! Another great idea is to arrange fir trees in flowerpots on the windowsill. Decorate the trees with garlands, fairy lights and Christmas balls and your windowsill decoration will look beautiful. Are you a fan of the Christmas wreath, then this idea is directed to you. Just make some small wreaths of fir branches and hang the wreaths with red ribbons on the window. Nice, yes ..? Another cool idea is to buy glass crayons and to paint the window glass itself. Draw Christmas balls, fir trees or snowflakes. You can also allow the children to draw on the window. More ideas can be collected from the photos below! We wish you a merry christmas!

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