You would like to spend a little more time with your children? We suggest you to do something together! A splendid idea in this regard are Wichtel crafts with children – with natural materials
Wichtel basteln mit Naturmaterialien Tannezapfen originell
Wichtel basteln Tannenzapfen notwendige Materialien
Wichtel basteln Holzperlen Tannenzapfen herrlicher Look
Wichtel basteln Tannenzapfen Bucheckern
Wichtel basteln ,it Tannenzapfen hängend
Wichtel basteln Tannenzapfen Filz Draht
Wichtel basteln Holzperlen Tannenzapfen
Wichtel basteln Weihnachtsbaumdeko Naturmaterialien
Wichtel Crafting is a wonderful idea to decorate your home for the cold season, and will appeal to smaller but also taller kids – actually who thinks Santa’s little helpers are not sweet? These can be easily made of eg pine cones themselves – for this you need a wooden ball, hot glue gun, as well as some felt, a black and a red fineliner pen. Glue the wooden ball to the pinecone with the hot glue gun (as shown in the photo above) – this will be the head of the pixie. Paint with the markers mouth and eyes and cut out of felt a small “scarf” and a triangular piece, from which you can make a cylindrical hat. The felt fabric can be additionally decorated with yarn and needle, and the hurdle can be beautified with small bells as desired. Finally, you should stick everything, and you’re done! The finished gnomes are perfect for Christmas tree decorations or table decoration – in the second case, you can make this little “shoes” made of felt, so they can stand straight. Another variation is to make original hats from beechnuts for the gnomes. The little figures can be embellished with glitter spray, so you look even more original!

Making gnomes with children under 3 years – great ideas made of paper

Wichtel basteln Tonpapier Pappteller
Wichtel basteln witzig aus Klopapierrolle

Wichtel basteln Papier Bommeln
Wichtel basteln Papier Filz Zuckerstangen Weihnachtsdeko
Wichtel basteln Filz Haarschmuck
Wichtel basteln Filz Zuckerstangen
When you Impressive gnomes in Scandinavian style and other inspiring ideas
Wichtel basteln herrlicher Look Christbaumschmuck
Wichtel basteln mit Kindern Weihnachtsdeko toller Look
Wichtel basteln mit Weinflaschen
Wichtel basteln klein Deko niedlich
Wichtel basteln mit Bart skandinavisch herrlicher Look
Wichtel basteln skandinavischer Stil Anleitung
Wichtel basteln Schaumstoff Kegel mit Stoff verkleiden
Wichtel basteln skandinavisch Bilderanleitung
Wichtel basteln skandinavisch Ast herrliche Weihnachtsdeko
Especially cute see the big gnomes with beard in the Scandinavian style, and we show you how you can easily do this yourself! Obtain foam cones of various sizes, some faux fur, hot glue gun, wire, wooden beads, any color and pattern of fabric, gray fleece for the hats (or any other color – depending on your preferences) and some black felt , First, take a foam cone, dress it with the chosen fabric, and fix with the hot glue gun. Cut out the fur beard and mustache for the gnome (as shown in the photos above) without pressing too hard with the cutter to avoid cutting the hair underneath. Then glue the beard firmly and insert a longer piece of wire into the top of the cone – this will hold the cap upright. Craft these by loosely wrapping a triangular piece of gray fleece around the wire and fixing with some hot glue. Finally, you still have to make the face of the imp. Stick a wooden bead as a nose and cut out of the black felt two small circles for the eyes – these can be either stuck, or stuck. And done! Instead of foam cones you can also use sacks filled with cotton wool or lentils, or make empty wine bottles – the result looks just as great! For more inspiring ideas on Gnome Crafting, check out our photos below!
Wichtel basteln mit Kindern Hilz herrlicher Look
Wichtel basteln mit Kindern Ideen und Anregungen
Wichtel basteln mit Weinkorken lustig
Wichtel basteln Stoff Spielzeug Bilderanleitung
Wichtel basteln aus Stoff Linsen Bilderanleitung
Wichtel basteln Spielzeuge lustig
Wichtel basteln Pom Poms Christbaumschmuck


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