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White tattoos impress with their delicate look and are not at all as conspicuous as the traditional tattoos with dark ink – just perfect for people who, for example, do not dare to get a tattoo for professional reasons. Characteristic of the white tattoos is their simplicity, which looks super elegant and sympathetic. These types of tattoos are especially suitable for people with a lighter skin type, are often noticeable only on closer inspection and are super easy to conceal with make-up. If you want to get a white tattoo, you should choose a body area without freckles, so it does not look uneven. It is also important that it is not in the vicinity of black tattoos, so that the white ink does not dissolve and absorbs colored pigments.

Become a white ink tattoo – positive and negative sides

White tattoos have many stars such as Bar Rafaeli and Cara Delevigne. The latest hit recently is the tattoos with special white ink that glow in the UV light. However, these types of tattoos also have drawbacks, and the biggest one may be that they fade quickly – within 5 to 6 years. Therefore, if you want to keep the tattoo longer, it should often be repainted, which is not really a cheap affair. To slow the fading, you can only choose a body spot for the tattoo that is not often exposed to the sun. Interestingly, laser removal of white tattoos is much more complicated than with traditional tattoos because the white ink reflects the light. So if you do not like the new tattoo, you better wait until it fades naturally to save a lot of money.

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