Building or buying your own house is a dream of many people. However, not everyone knows exactly what kind of house fits their needs – whether a farmhouse, a modern villa or rather an ecological passive house. To make this important decision, you should consider in advance all the pros and cons of the different types of houses, which is no easy task. That is why in this article we present you the characteristic features of 5 modern houses. We hope that this information can help you!

Modern houses – massive house

Contemporary architecture is very diverse, which is why several house types can be distinguished from one another today. Even if you want to build a completely new house according to your personal wishes and ideas, it is really useful to know the positive and negative aspects of different house types. This can give you creative ideas – for example, to combine different architectural styles and thus achieve different properties and also a beautiful visual effect. Let’s start with the so-called solid or detached house – it is made of materials such as aerated concrete, mortar, brick or sand-lime brick, and this guarantees excellent sound and fire resistance, as well as very good heat storage capacity. Characteristic of this type of houses are the extreme rural life – up to 100 years! Whether a luxurious architect’s house or a simple row house – solid houses can be designed very individually, which makes them a good investment. The only downside is that the construction of such a house takes a lot of time – at least 8 months, up to 2-3 years!

prefabricated house

Really announced today are the prefabricated houses. They are prefabricated from different materials – wood, concrete, stone, in large halls, where the workers pre-assemble almost all important components – windows, doors, even the electrical connections. Characteristic of these houses is the extremely short construction time – on the construction site they are finished within a week! This is due to their standardized construction – for this reason, for example, eliminates the long drying time, because all components are already dry in their assembly. Although prefabricated houses are qualitative, they are not as enduring as the massive houses, and from the outside they all look almost the same.

passive house

An attractive option that you should think through is the Passive House. This is the name given to a specific type of house that complies with specific building standards: the building must have such good thermal insulation that the total energy consumption per year is no more than 120 kilowatt hours per square meter – so residents are almost exempt from electricity bills! Passive houses are equipped with a good ventilation system, which guarantees the good air quality, and their construction allows year-round temperatures of 20-22 ° C. These houses are an ecological, sustainable investment, but also have some disadvantages: the construction costs are about 10% higher compared to other types of houses and their size is limited because of the special construction.


Like the passive houses, the wooden house is also environmentally friendly, as its load-bearing structure and much of the building is made of natural raw materials. Wooden houses are lighter compared to solid houses – so the foundation stability requirements are less and can be built much faster. The wood guarantees a very good room climate, therefore, these houses are considered harmful and simply ideal for allergy sufferers. However, timber houses also have negative aspects – they are susceptible to moisture, mold and pests, so they have to be treated regularly. If you make sure, the wooden house can last up to 100 years!

container house

One of the most modern house types today are the container houses. If you hear about the container house for the first time, it may sound funny or extravagant. However, the buildings made of old transport containers are environmentally friendly, durable, easy-care, comfortable and exclusive with their interior design. The construction costs for these kind of houses are the lowest and they are extremely easy to build – even much lighter than prefabricated houses! Magnificent container houses from several floors, which impress with their innovative design, are already available in France. If you choose this type of house, you should provide good ventilation systems and cool off on hot summer days.

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