Like a mirage in the sea, Santorini, with its fairy-tale view of white houses and blue domes, exudes a Mediterranean charm and unique magic. The small island is a love at first sight. Far from the dream come true, called Santorini, you can also enjoy this beauty in your own home. Now read our stunning design ideas and guess which patio design is Mediterranean to make a picture book retreat on the city’s terrace, where you can relax with a cocktail by the sun sinking.

Form the Santorini magic: terrace orientation and terrace design Mediterranean

Warm breeze, lots of sunlight, beautiful sea views and the color concept “white and blue” – welcome to a paradise with a Mediterranean flair! The idea of ​​Santorini you can conjure up on your own terrace, now we show you what you need, so that the terrace design is Mediterranean. Above all, the location of the terrace comes on the agenda. Make sure that the terrace has a southern orientation. Whether it’s southwestern or southeastern location, enjoy the gentle rays of sunshine early in the morning and the mild sunlight at sunset. So you can assume that you should think about the sunscreen. The” matching parasol or sail> can be ideally integrated into the entire Mediterranean concept.

Design the terrace in the Greek style: the color concept

Only with a glance at the flag of Greece can you guess the color scheme: white and blue. If you are looking for Mediterranean terrace design, then you can not miss this color concept. Put on a light floor covering and white wall paint and combine blue Mediterranean furniture with blue foam pillows, on this terrace you can see that you need nothing extraterrestrial for the Santorini look. When designing the terrace, you strive to give the design a feeling of simplicity and space, so that you can assume that the furnishings are made up of few pieces of furniture and accessories.

Creating a terrace: Which Mediterranean furniture and accessories are the perfect match?

Traditionally, the Greek family gathers around the table for dinner, so you need a nice filigree metal table in blue and white. If you design a small terrace, then you can also put on a smaller table for two. For a dinner on your Mediterranean terrace, serve the drinks in shimmering glasses, arrange with plain white cloth napkins. The targeted look can be achieved with wooden furniture in white and folding chairs, which are due to their simplicity, the perfect variant for terrace design Mediterranean. Good alternative to wooden furniture are the white rattan” furniture> , which is decorated with some blue pillows, a real eye-catcher. For more truth, use tablecloths and pillowcases with traditional Greek patterns, such as tooth-cutting running dog, palmetto frieze, double meander, eggshell, and meander. As nice details in the background you can use some finds, fishnets and wood decorations, like an old wooden ladder, to make your dinner a mini vacation in Greece. When choosing matching” accessories> , the rule is: “Simple design”, but everything is allowed. A few candles and lantern serve for the Mediterranean and romantic atmosphere. Arrange seashells, sand and sticks in one corner of the patio to add even more Greek magic to the whole thing. Some carafes and wine bottles, which can also serve as flower vases or candlesticks, provide for Mediterranean flair. For the correct planting in the Greek style you put on Oleander and make no mistake.

In conclusion, it can be said that there are no limits to the creativity of terrace design Mediterranean, only you should choose a device within the framework of the material and color concept. In our gallery, find great terrace design pictures and gather helpful inspirations. Create a terrace with southern flair that invites you to linger.

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