Stone on stone on the way to the dream house – so many people today imagine the construction of a home. For many, home building is the biggest investment of life. But who has made the fundamental decision is up to choice – wood or exposed concrete, semi-detached or single-family house, solid house or prefabricated house, etc. Before you tackle the project home purchase, you should first ask the question: “Which house fits my needs?” answer. This answer opens the door of your home! In order to assist you in finding the right type of house, our team has conducted a search for you and compared the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of houses.

Select house type – the first step from the planning phase of the home

From the first traces of human construction to today, architecture has developed technically, functionally and aesthetically. Never before has it been so easy to express individuality in building a house. Every house type is allowed and every house style is announced – from striking designs to modernized old buildings in Germany. The market offers many suggestions, but the focus is on the building material. And if you combine the different materials, then you have the new classic-modern architecture. You do not always have to set boundaries between building materials and often a house has many facets – just like your personality! An example of this are the architectural house styles in Germany. Convince yourself and take a look here, where you can find them:

Whether old town house, Frisian house or minimalist family home, three factors play an important role in selecting the right house type: your needs, the house environment and last but not least the budget. Even before the planning phase, you should collect inspiration and create a precise idea for the desired type of house. Detached house or semi-detached house? Multi-storey or bungalow? Solid house or prefabricated house? We will answer these questions so well that the final result will be most individual!

Massive house vs. prefabricated house

The most frequently asked question when it comes to house type is “Solid house or prefabricated house?”. According to the Federal Association of German prefabricated construction (BDF) , a total of 58,674 building permits were issued for single-family and two-family houses in Germany in 2016 for a period of 6 months. Among them were 84.4 percent – massive houses, compared to 15.6 percent prefabricated houses. The basic difference between the two house types lies in the building materials and the construction. The solid houses are made of concrete, stone or wood from the ground up. The prefabricated houses are made of wood, but mostly they are made of panels and offered by a company. Roughly speaking, you have a choice – a durable, well insulated, but more expensive solid house or uncomplicated, flexible prefabricated house. Only then will you come to the next decision …

… single-family house or multi-family house?

Most Germans long for a family home. It is very popular with families with children because it offers a lot of space and privacy. Even when landscaping and remodeling, one can let his creativity run wild in single-family homes. As always, this freedom is not in vain. Because of the freestanding structure, high energy costs and land costs arise. Despite all the advantages of a single-family home, the multi-family house in Germany remains the most widespread type of house. An apartment building is a residential building,   where several apartments are distributed on the different floors. The benefits here – social contacts and low costs. Disadvantages could be little or no garden and shared terrace here.

House styles – question about taste

If you have already considered the design, you will probably think about how his dream home will look like. The choice of the house style is this planning step, which has influence on all further planning phases and where you can best express your individuality. There are no limits here! But do not forget that not only the personal ideas and taste are important for the decision, but also the practical application. There are many ways to combine modern technology with architecture today. With the house styles you are also spoiled for choice – you have Mediterranean, minimalist or contemporary style, as well as charming wooden houses available.

Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself in which house you feel most comfortable and what budget you can count on. Our last but most important tip – choose this type of house that suits your personality and never decide for one direction only. Your new house can be as colorful as you are! In your own home, happiness should be at home forever!

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