You feel a bit lost and do not know what style of home furnishings to decorate your home? You only need a few directions and recommendations to create your dream home. Setting up is considered an infinite topic and nobody can know everything about it. The trends in facility are constantly changing and it is normal to feel confused. There are people who call themselves specialists in home furnishings and are engaged in the search for the right decoration and furnishings. If you have the opportunity to pay for such help, setting up would be a breeze. But the joy of self-employment is lost. Our article is aimed at anyone who wants to set up their own apartment and looking for the right look for it.

Home furnishings from A to Z: Find your style!

Romantic, rustic, Scandinavian, purist-elegant, pompous or shabby chic? Which style of interior design is best for your lifestyle? Take our short test and discover your personal interior design style.

  1. What color is your favorite color for interior?

A) Bright nuances and pastel colors

B) Black and white

C) Dark colors

2. Where is your dream place for living?

A) At the sea

B) In the big city

C) In the forest

3. What do you prefer?

A) Give the old furniture a personal touch

B) Buy modern home furnishings in the furniture store

C) Order cheap facility over the internet

4. What kind are your libidinous films?

A) Historical films

B) Sci Fi – movies

C) Romatic films

The correct home furnishings according to your answers to the questionnaire

They only crossed the answer “A”, so …

This style of living is for you because you are in love with timelessness and the nobility. The overall picture that this style gives the apartment is cozy and accurate. The classically elegant style suits you with the high-quality materials, elegant ornaments and restrained colors. Put on beautiful wallpaper, striking carpets, walls in bright colors and accessories made of brocade, metal and leather.

The Asian-style home decor will fascinate you with the combination of pastel colors of Japanese look, paper walls marked by China, and Nepal’s patterns. The Asian interior design is also characterized by a specific positioning of the furniture.

If you like Shabby Style, then you prefer a combination of bright colors, split polish, and nostalgic patterns. The Shabby decor creates a colorful ambiance. The special feature of this lifestyle is the fact that you can give your furniture a shabby chic look. Learn more

The boho look is characterized by the combination of hippie, ethno and gipsy. The models of this living style are the light-colored walls, dark-colored furnishings, striking life forms and patterns.

They only crossed the answer “B”, so …

This style of living fascinates you with clean lines, elegant patterns and the color combination in black and white. It is also characterized by furnishings made of natural materials such as marble, leather, gemstone, wood. An apartment, which is characterized by the Scandinavian style of living, creates a cozy, beautiful and stylish appearance.

  • Modern glamor or luxury home decor

Decorate all rooms with velvet, silk, gold and glitter and create a magnificent ambience. The glamorous style of living is characterized by colors such as gold, white, silver and black, shiny surfaces and baroque elements.

Everything that goes with working in a big factory fits in with this style. Industrial chic seems like a furnishing style that finds real beauty in the utilitarian and aged look. The rooms are big and bright, the wall colors are white and gray. Put on a brick wall and you will give your home a real touch in industrial style. Metal, copper, iron and steel are the preferred materials that best spice up the interior.

Minimalist you can not set up your apartment before you’ve learned how to think minimalist. Paint all the walls in white, put on an unpretentious wood paneling for the floor and align the room with few furniture. This style has a strong character, characterized by the combination of white, copper, filigree, light wood and small accents in black.

They only crossed the answer “C”, so …

  • Safari style – read more
    • Country style – information about it can be found
      • Mix and match – many home decor ideas in this style can be found
        • Girlie style – learn how to live like a princess

          Do not compromise with your home decor because your home is your lock. Decorate according to your taste and lifestyle. On our website you can collect inspiration and great ideas and tips if you want to plan your home furnishings.

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