Valentine’s Day is coming up and you want to surprise your favorite person with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? If yes, read this article! Here we tell you which floral styles are best for Valentine’s Day, and give you some useful tips that can help you with the

The flowers are a classic and popular gift not only for Valentine’s Day, but also for a number of festive occasions. As mentioned above, however, the individual flower types have different meanings, which you should know if you choose a bouquet of flowers. Here we offer you a short overview that you would certainly find interesting and useful. Let’s start with the:

• Roses – they are a classic for the day of the lovers and that is not accidental. The red roses symbolize deep emotions – strong love, passion, desire and longing. The white roses are a symbol of loyalty, purity and true love, and also stand for a new beginning. Yellow roses are given as a sign of friendship, or to ask forgiveness, but they are also considered a symbol of jealousy. The orange-colored roses look like a burning flame, and stand for happiness and happiness in the relationship. And the pink roses impress with a romantic look and stand for tender feelings.

A good idea would be that the number of roses symbolizes the years or months since you were together. And if you find these flowers too traditional or old-fashioned, then opt for a mixed rose bouquet.

Floral styles for Valentine’s Day – the meaning behind it

• Tulips – they represent the new beginning, so they are the perfect choice when it comes to a new relationship. Usually the darker the tuples are, the stronger the passion is. In Turkey, the red tulip is a symbol of perfect love.

• Orchids – the delicate orchids look almost like butterflies, reminding us of their exotic look to distant lands. These flowers are given as a sign of feminine grace, passion and perfect beauty. With a bouquet of orchids you would show that the gifted person is special and special to you.

• Peonies – These flowers are not often chosen for Valentine’s Day, but they are just perfect to surprise your Libyan, because they stand for beauty and femininity. In Japan, the peony also symbolizes happiness in the family.

• Cyclamen – a bluegrass with cyclamen is also a good idea for the 14th of February. It symbolizes love because of the rich red color in the middle of the flowers.

• Lilies – these noble flowers are a splendid alternative to roses on Valentine’s Day because they are a symbol of true love. This is especially true for the white lily, while the red one stands for passion. You should refrain from using yellow and orange lilies on February 14 because they express envy and disinterest.

• Freesia – these flowers, originally from South Africa, impress with a delicate look and strong scent. The white freesias are also a symbol of true love, the pink ones stand for subtle feelings and shyness, and the red ones – for trust.

Our tip is to give the flower bouquet away with your left hand – to show that it comes from the heart.

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