Diet and fat are quite different for you? But that should not be the case if you want to lose weight healthily. Losing weight successfully means eating fat sometimes because fat is not just fat. In this post, we’ll explain what saturated and unsaturated fatty acids that make up healthy fats are.

These are healthy fats and these should be added to your menu and fitness foods

Without fat we can not lose weight under any circumstances. This is unhealthy for our body and you always get the so-called yo-yo effect. The fat is vital and by no means unhealthy. It is important only to distinguish the corresponding fats. Note, however, that not all fats are healthy, some are necessary, but we should definitely do without some. Look at our table:

One differentiates between unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. The “saturation” describes the chemical structure of the fats. The unsaturated ones are healthy, the saturated ones should make up the smaller part of the diet. Healthy unsaturated fats saturate sustainably and are good not only for health, but also for the figure!

Reduce body fat with fat – is it possible?

How can we lose weight and why do we need fat? Some say that all fats make you fat. That may be right, but saving fat helps you lose weight, especially healthy fats. Our tips for losing weight are to make a

Omega 3 fatty foods

If there were no Omega 3 fatty acids, there would not be humans in their present form. We find it in chia seeds, walnuts or oils from rapeseed, flaxseed etc. (see picture above). Not only omega 3 is one of the healthy fats, we should also take omega 6 fatty acids in sufficient quantities. For this sunflower oil, thistle oil, sesame oil or soybean oil is recommended. Look at the pictures below to find other healthy oils.

Tips for losing weight: Use healthy oils when cooking!

Healthy fats or low-fat foods: Ideas for prescriptions that reduce weight

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