More than 3 million Germans wear contact lenses. Invisible, hardly felt, suitable for sports – the eyelens offer freedom without limit. You just have to be the right one! Anyone who has opted for contact lenses should be thoroughly informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the various types. There are also many things to consider when cleaning and inserting. No stress! We have the best tips on which eye lenses are right for you and how to properly care for them.

Which contact lenses are right for your eyes? Contact lenses types in overview

Your eyes are the mirror of your soul and of course need special care. Our most important tip: Never blindly buy cheap lenses. Before you buy, have your eyes examined by the ophthalmologist and seek expert advice. We are your guide if you want to know the different types of contact lenses first. At you will find a wide selection of contact lenses and you will definitely find the right one to suit your needs. You can roughly choose between two variants – hard or soft lenses. Here we have summarized their advantages and disadvantages especially for you:

Hard contact lenses – you will see the difference clearly – the hard lenses are smaller with a diameter of 8 to 10 millimeters than the soft lenses and are made of a very light plastic. This hardly absorbs tear fluid. With dry eyes, hard lenses are ideal for you. A big advantage of hard contact lenses is that they can compensate for high dioptric numbers.

Soft contact lenses – They are made of flexible material and adapt better. These lenses are more suitable for sensitive people and can correct almost all refractive errors. The soft lenses have different wear duration.

Contact lenses can be differentiated by wearing time – daily, weekly, monthly lenses

They prefer to wear glasses, but during sports they slipped off their nose? The solution we found – daily lenses. Finally you will enjoy freedom of movement and save time for care. These contact lenses are also very suitable for people whose eyesight changes in the short term. Monthly and weekly lenses are a perfect alternative to glasses, for example, on vacation or if you do sports several times a month. If you’re one of those people who prefers a different eye color, opt for color lenses.

Color lenses – conquer the world with beautiful eyes

Insert and remove contact lenses – step by step instructions

Anyone wearing contact lenses for the first time has the feeling of having a foreign object in their eye. No worries! This feeling disappears over time. Whether you feel comfortable or not, and how you tolerate the lenses depends on how you use your contact lenses. The secret is patience and hygiene. Before you start putting it in, the first step is getting your hands washed. Which steps will follow next, you will find in the video tutorial:

Golden tips for healthy eyes: maintain contact lenses

The decision to wear contact lenses does not just end with the selection and insertion. Complaints, such as red eyes, certainly know many of contact lens wearers. The cause – wrong care. Sensitive eyes need special care products. The contact lenses float in an Enzymbad with saline. Our tip: Let the lenses float overnight in the storage solution. The care products and contact lenses must be coordinated. It is particularly important to clean the lenses after each use. The containers must also be cleaned weekly with the storage solution.

Hygiene is the way to healthy eyes. Care for your eyes so you can see and enjoy the world. We hope that with our help you will choose the right contact lenses for you and see the world with different eyes!

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