Every woman dreams of getting married as a princess in a beautiful white wedding dress. If you also want to experience the happy ending of the Cinderella fairytale on your wedding day and put yourself in their shoes, you will definitely need the right pair of bridal shoes! With the opening of the wedding season, the wedding fever rises and the question of suitable wedding shoes is on the agenda. Sneakers, ballerinas, sandals, high heels, pumps, peep toes or ankle boots: The variety of bridal shoes models is comparable only to the sand on the beach. In this article, we show you the art of finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes to go angelically to the altar.

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall, how do I find the most beautiful wedding shoes in the country?

On the best day of your life, you want to look immaculate and argue comfortably and confidently towards the altar. Here, the bridal shoes play the decisive role. The height, the comfort, the size, the extent to which they match the bridal gown, their color, their quality, their type – all these criteria should first of all be set with the utmost attention and considered later in the search for the perfect pair of shoes , Like, if you do not have a clear concept, you would always lose yourself in diversity and would constantly be rejected by other ideas and ideas and unsettled, which would result in loss of time. The agony of choice is currently greatly facilitated by the Internet. You can look at thousands of different bridal shoes with the help of your magic mirror – the online shops have the full range of stunning models of wedding shoes on offer and are accessible with a few clicks of a button. We have summarized some golden tips that will help you to choose the best pair of bridal shoes.

With the right bridal shoes you make the most beautiful day of your life to an unforgettable appearance

“Tone-on-tone” is not perfect: the color, the type and the style of the wedding shoes should be in harmony with the wedding dress. Classical women love the “50 Shades of White” bridal shoes. The shades cream, ivory and champagne are also beautiful and gentle shades that can be matched to any wedding dress. If you choose to be an extrovert and the eye-catching “radiance with perfection ” is always your goal, choose shoes with a touch of color, with glitter or brightly colored shoes, such as violet shoes that are trendy in 2018. The metallic tones of gold, rose gold, old gold and silver also look stunning on your feet when paired with matching accessories. As a rule of thumb, the simpler the wedding dress, the more extravagant the bridal shoes and vice versa.

The secret of comfort lies in the ideal heel height

Comfort for the whole day: Your comfort on the wedding day is the most important thing, because you are the queen of this celebration, there is also some effort. But nothing should make you look overjoyed on this day. So, honestly, think about which models of bridal shoes you can wear all day and night with a smile on your face. The basic rule here is: The bridal shoes should not be too different from the everyday shoes, which is above all the convenience, ie if you do not wear high heels in everyday life, then certainly not at the wedding. A great and, above all, comfortable alternative to the high heels, which also have an ideal fit on the foot, are the sneakers and ballerinas. This alternative is also perfect if you have a tall body and even if the groom is just a bit taller than you. Be careful not to look like a giant.

I’m not small, just perfect for high heels!

Wearing high heels on the wedding day is a challenge and an imposition at the same time: But if you are already used to it and running does not cause you any difficulties, then the decision is easy. A heel is used for optical extension and in combination with a tight dress brings the feminine silhouette to advantage. So the effective appearance is guaranteed. Our advice is that if you can not or will not do without high heels, get yourself a pair of more comfortable shoes and you’ll save a lot. So nothing stands in the way of your celebration of love into the deep night. Another smart move: Buy the next size shoes and put special insoles in your shoes, so you feel like you’re on clouds.

Unleash your creativity with the right models of wedding shoes

Brilliant with originality on the wedding day: Satin and leather are the most commonly used materials for bridal shoes by the designers. An advantage of leather wedding shoes is that they are easy to clean. The satin wedding shoes are extremely soft and comfortable and can be dyed to match the color of the wedding dress. You can create the color of these models yourself.

Follow our tips and when the wedding bells ring, you will be accompanied by the most beautiful bridal shoes to the altar.

Once again coming back to the fairy tale and reading it from today’s perspective, one finds the proof of how much a shoe can change one’s life. And if the bridal couple said they fit together like the left and right shoes, then that marriage will be crowned with happiness.

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