Are you curious about what is currently fashionable in the field of men’s hairstyles? In this article we present you the trendy and latest men’s” hairstyles> ! We hope that the information and photos in this post can serve men as a source of inspiration to make new, modern haircuts. Enjoy reading!

Men’s Hairstyles 2017: What’s Trend?

Not only women are looking for the latest trendy hairstyles today – men are well-groomed hair and good looks are also important. Men’s hairstyles also have an enormous variety of different styling options, and in recent years, more and more men are venturing out to try out bold combinations, such as extravagant undercut hairstyles, full-beard haircuts or Man Bun. In addition to useful information on the latest trends, below are a few photos that can help you imagine your trendy dream hairstyle much better and more accurate. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of modern men’s hairstyles! We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Trendy men’s hairstyles for 2017 – the “Sleek Look”

When it comes to the most modern men’s hairstyles for 2017, the so-called “sleek look” may come first. In this type of haircut, the medium-length hair is combed back and styled with gel. Simple, classic and super elegant! Maybe you remember this hairstyle from the James Bond movies. Today it is especially popular among the famous actors and singers because it gives a smart, masculine look without looking extravagant. The sleek look is also a great choice for both young and older men.

The most modern men’s hairstyles – “Bold Cut”

The so-called “Bold Cut”, which is an absolute hit this year, is also stylish. The Bold Cut is actually a “pot haircut,” where hair is shaved about 1-2 inches above the ears completely around the head. There are two options: on one length – with medium-length hair, this hairstyle has a retro look, or completely graduated – this version looks actually much more modern. If you have an oval face, this hairstyle will be great!

Shaved heads

The third important fashion trend in the men’s hairstyles this year are the shaved heads. Such a hairstyle may seem too radical to you, but it has certain advantages that should not be underestimated. This type of haircut has a pronounced male expression, and at the same time looks sporty and elegant. So it’s not surprising that a number of famous actors have chosen this hairstyle – for example, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, and even Dwayne Johnson, who was voted Sexiest Man Alive in 2017. This haircut also highlights facial features and needs almost no grooming. For this reason, it is the ideal variant for men with little or thin hair of all ages.

Hairstyles with great

2017 are the hairstyles with great also very modern. “Great” is understood to mean hair that is styled like a wave and protrudes slightly upwards from the head. So the classic Elvis look is back in fashion! Such a haircut needs a lot of care, but is still an absolute eye-catcher, with which you could impress the women.

Hairstyles with side parting

While the undercut haircut is slowly losing its popularity in 2017, side-apex hairstyles still remain current. In principle, they are among the most elegant men’s hairstyles that every man should wear once in a lifetime. A classic example of the advantages of the side apex are stars like David Beckham, Robbie Williams and Ryan Gosling.

Haircuts with full beard

Another major fashion trend is the hairstyles with full beard. The beard makes the face fuller, but it also affects the haircut. With this type of hairstyles the golden rule applies – the longer the beard, the shorter the hair and vice versa. Only in this way can you achieve a stylish look.

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