If you’re a pet owner, you’ll surely know that you love pets like your own kids and look after you every day. But if you’re a cat owner, you know that much better, since the cats are tied to the apartment and they need their own place in the apartment. Cats love adventure, unlike dogs, cats can not enjoy the freedom outdoors. Give your cat a scratching post, a window sill or just make the matching cat furniture yourself. Let yourself be inspired by our creative ideas. We are sure you will find something similar and suitable to you in the business. If not – read our DIY tips. Otherwise, your sofas and wallpaper will soon look old 🙂

Cat furniture: Customize the living room design for your cat

The cats love scratching …

… and the safe hiding places

… and the most important thing – the good view

Of course, a cat tree can combine all your cat’s favorite pastimes. But why not the bookshelves? If you are on the way to buy a shelf for your living space, choose step-by-step. Wall shelves as the steps can also be hung on the wall in every room. They are multifunctional – you can put on decoration or organize funny card games. And why not the two? Not only climbing is a hobby for your cat. Scratching too! Just mount yourself on the front of the cabinet causing scratching. In the trade you will find such console in different colors, which bring a chic touch in interior. Another good idea for cat furniture is the sisal. It is ideal for your cat’s claws and can be added to any piece of furniture. Much popular are the sisal scratching mat, sisal beds and of course the sisal scratching posts, which you can also do very easily yourself.

Instructions: Make Sisal Scratching Tree yourself

All you need is chipboard from the construction market for the floor slab, round or squared lumber for the logs and of course a long sisal rope for logs. Sisal is actually the most expensive part of your homemade tree. If you can find a rope factory it is best. The panels can also be covered with scratch-resistant carpet or simply left as it is. You can do that to your taste. The most important part is the attachment of sisal rope. It should be wrapped around the stems. But before that you have to use latex glue. The attachment of the sisal rope goes from bottom to top. Start from the base of the trunk and wrap very tightly around the trunks. At the lower and upper end use staples for attachment. To make your tree stable, you can also use metal angles. How big and how tall is the tree, you decide yourself.

Time for “good night”: The cat bed is the favorite place of your cat

The cat bed is not just for sleeping. There your cat finds protection and own empire. Cats love being comfortable and cuddly. Therefore, the right choice of cat’s sleep is a must for every cat owner. There are such modern cat beds in the trade that will suit any interior. Many cats love to sleep under the dining table and hide. Choose a coffee table with a bottom from Ratan and you do not need to buy a bed extra. Make a hole in the stool and your favorite pet will always be next to you! So creative!

Take a look at our excellent picture gallery and find something interesting that will suit your design and that you can easily do yourself! Give your cat a place as she loves you!

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