Nerd glasses with oversized glasses, skinny jeans, flannel shirt and army parka … individual behavior, independent thinking, counterculture and progressive politics? You can see them at every turn in the big cities. Easy to recognize. These are just a few of the features of the most talked-about lifestyle phenomenon: hipsterism. But what is a hipster and who are you? You probably want to know something more about hipster culture. What is behind this subculture of hipsters? Find out more about the hipster movement in this post.

What is a hipster?

What is a hipster: most important features!

The term comes from the avant-garde, American subculture of the mid-20th century. However, there is no general definition. Hipsters are mainly young people, who are mainly between 20 and 30 years old. Here is the basic rule: “The more special and fancier, the better!”. Hipsters are interested in art, indie rock, creativity, education and witty verbiage. Hipsters categorically reject the mainstream. Individuality is actually a must for hipsters. Through a certain nostalgia in the return to analog techniques, the retro-look of the hipster in art and culture shows. Hipsters are pioneers and discoverers of the latest cultural trends and ideals. They listen to music from not famous bands and wear clothes from unknown designers. What features are typical for the modern hipster? He is young, has a high degree in education and is a member of an intellectual peripheral culture of artists, poets and musicians.

The cool, urban look of hipsters?

What is a hipster: fashion and hairstyling!

Although hipsterism primarily means a mental attitude, it is also associated with a distinctive fashion style and its trend sense. Eye-catching glasses with thick and extravagant frames are certainly the nuts and bolts of hipster culture. Other hallmarks of the hipsters, which are reflected in their clothing style and appearance, are leather shoes, vintage clothing, lumberjack shirts, chino pants and tight-fitting jeans. Hipsters are characterized by their eye-catching hairstyles. Both hipster and hipster men prefer similar androgynous hairstyles: a real combination of disheveled hair and asymmetrical side-styled petties or ponies. Hipster gentlemen often meet with a mustache or even a lush beard. Hipster hairstyles appear in different variants. Whether bun, short haircut with anrasierten sides or braided hairstyles? Hairstyles are available for every preference.

Style and aesthetics of hipsters!

What’s the difference between a hipster and a hippie?

In contrast to hippie, the hipster presents itself as thoroughly styling and trend-conscious. On the one hand weird retro, on the other hand always the newest smartphone or iPhone in the hand. Fashion chains like “Urban Outfitters” and “Amerivan Apparel” enjoy an excellent reputation here. The hipster represents our zeitgeist in an idealistic sense. He is not bohemian and not a rebel. He simply embodies the features of our society today as well as no one else. That’s why the hipster is so influential. But hipsters are changing so fast that nobody knows what hipsters of the future would look like.

The hipster is not what it was back then!

Their individuality is demonstrated by hipsters with a particularly impressive trend fashion and cool accessories. Among the most popular hipster accessories are thick scarf constructions around the neck, necklaces, floppy hats, lace-up shoes, backpack and steampunk jewelry. The jute bag with ironic sayings, trucker hats and eye-catching sunglasses are considered absolute hipster accessories. Jute bags do not only use Hipsters as a Uni bag, but also as a shopping bag. Know that a jute bag is eco-friendly because it lasts a long time and produces less plastic waste. Generally, hipsters do not want to be limited only by a fashion or beauty ideal.

This is actually the modern hipster!

If you want to have such a lifestyle with independent music labels and vintage clothing, then check out more hipster accessories and clothing in the gallery below!

Dive into the hipster scene a little deeper!

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