Say goodbye to split ends with our 10 golden tips! This post will solve the problem number 1 women with long hair – the broken and ugly tips. We have also consulted you for special lists and put together all natural home remedies for split ends. Break with split ends with these tips and tricks!

1. Cutting comes first!

Screw in and cut off. Surely you have heard that many times when it comes to broken tips. But we do not recommend split-cut at home. You’ve also heard that the hair has to be cut off every month. However, we have consulted specialists and to avoid split ends, visit your hairdresser every three months. Ask him about the scissors too. It has the same effect as burning with candle.

2. Burn away with split ends with candle

This technique is called “Velaterapia” (Candle Cutting aud English). In this technique, the hair is turned and the protruding split burned with a candle. The candle is moved back and forth on the hair strand and may only stay in one place for a short time. But there is also a danger of burned hair.

3. Brush properly

4. Never brush wet hair

5. Do not wash hair daily

6. Hair Care – Treat your hair properly

Almond, macadamia, jojoba or keratin oils can help with split ends in most cases, but these are just for the tips. However, split ends often occur in lengths where chemistry will damage your hair. Only natural cosmetics can help. Scroll down to see which natural skins help prevent hair breakage.

7. Blow dry – no hot blow dryers

8. Float on silk pillows

9. Feed properlyzinc, iron, proteins help against hair breakage

10. Natural home remedies for split ends

Here is a recipe to make yourself against split-egg honey-egg hair mask


  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tbsp olive oil


Heat the honey in a small bowl in a water bath. Once finished, add the olive oil and stir vigorously. Only when it gets lukewarm, add the egg. Stir in and ready!

Instructions for cutting off the broken tips
Our team wishes you every success in the fight against broken tips!

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