Is the flexibility in kitchen design important to you? Then perhaps a modular kitchen is the ideal solution for you! Modular kitchens are simply perfect for small spaces and have a number of valuable features that are not characteristic of the traditional fitted kitchen. If you want to know more about the numerous advantages of the modular kitchen, read on!

The modular kitchen – practical and flexible

In contrast to the finished fitted kitchen, the modular kitchens consist of individual elements that can be combined and expanded as required. This kind of kitchens work on the modular principle and therefore they can be put together individually. So you can in a very small or asymmetrical room – for example, in a sloping roof, exploit the entire existing area, as the individual modules of the kitchen adapt to the conditions of the specific room. And the modules are diverse: from elements with integrated oven or refrigerator to those with sinks and base cabinets to special modules for your electrical appliances. Since the modular kitchens can be expanded according to your personal wishes and needs – for example, by means of sideboards, a corner sofa or a foldable dining table – they can also visually enhance larger rooms.

Individual design options

Thanks to their diverse elements, the modular kitchens provide you with numerous design options and design variants. A modular kitchen in country style can be set up super easy by opting for modules made of wood or laminate, and combined with rural decorative elements. If you prefer the modern look, then select elements made of glass, stainless steel or plastic – actually today enjoys the simple, straight-line design not only in the restaurant kitchens, but also in the private households of great popularity. And a retro-style modular kitchen can be created, for example, with a large, framed refrigerator in the 60s design. The changes in such kitchens are also very easy – you should just reorganize the individual modules or replace them, which are already outdated, with new ones.

Prices, providers and possible extension of the kitchen

Today, modular kitchen systems in a variety of design and color variants can be found in the large furniture stores. The price depends mainly on the specific material, manufacturer and the size of the kitchen. For example, at IKEA you can buy a small modular kitchen for about 300 euros. However, if the quality is of great importance to you, the costs can reach up to 3000 euros. If you do not want to spend the whole amount at once, you might find it a good idea to gradually buy the individual elements of the kitchen. In this way you not only save money but also have the freedom to gradually expand your kitchen.

Easy installation and modern look

But the modular kitchens also have other advantages that should not be underestimated. This includes, for example, the easy assembly. The individual modules are delivered in most cases, and it remains only to do the final assembly – which is no problem for people with crafting skills. And in this way you save a lot of money again. Furthermore, the modular kitchen systems are really practical. Compared to the conventional fitted kitchen, the modular kitchen usually lacks the lining towards the floor. Therefore, they allow the dirt under the kitchen to be easily cleaned. The fact that the dust does not accumulate behind a panel for ever and ever, but is also regularly removable, is an important advantage, which especially allergy sufferers can only benefit. Although the pillars of the individual modules can be seen, in this way the kitchen looks even more modern and interesting. Finally, it can not be said that buying a new modular kitchen is not compulsory. Because of the modular design, it is relatively easy to buy used or sell. The individual elements in different rooms and you can easily remove and reinstall.

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