The wedding is one of the most special festivities for the newlyweds and therefore takes a lot of time and special preparation. The guests also have their significant tasks to choose, for example, a gift and write corresponding wishes for the wedding. Who among us has not been in a situation when you are invited to the wedding and have difficulty expressing your best wishes? That’s why we’ve made a very long list and hope you find a suitable creative wedding wish.

Wedding wish – which are the best of the best?

Here are our imaginative examples structured:

  • The most important thing in marriage is harmony. Quarrels can be avoided because one of you always has the right – the other is the man.
  • Hopefully all wedding wishes will come true! Let joy reign in your heart over the years! Happy wedding!
  • We wish you a harmonious marriage filled with the pleasures of life, let your love always be as strong as it is now! We love you and we wish you to stay dry in the storms of life! Happy wedding!
  • Happy wedding, bridal couple! Today we see in the eyes the enchanting glow of a wonderful feeling and we do not wish to leave you in your common path. Allow yourself to go on wheels and already fill your house with children’s voices! Bitter!

  • der schönsten Dinge dieser Welt. I congratulate you for your wedding and wish you half of the most beautiful things in the world. I will keep the other half for myself. You’re welcome!

  • The marriage begins when two people begin to share a heart. Let your love for each other grow with each passing day. I wish you happy and unforgettable high season!
  • I’m glad you found each other. I am sure that together you will overcome all difficulties in life. I wish you a long and happy married life!
  • They go two for a long time
    and no time will not stop.
    This day combines two lives in one, two people in the soul of two identical wedding rings.
    Many leaders can give everyone in this bright day, but hear:
    To be sure, compromises – even at the risk of being a little old-fashioned!
    Love ! You’re welcome!

nnen Sie ein Gedicht rezitieren If you like no wedding request from the written above, k ö can you recite a poem


And was the band that connected you,
soulful, warm and sacred,
so leave the last of your lessons
as your first be cheerful.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Two beautiful eyes. Heart of a child
in two beautiful eyes; Music – rays
They want and promise nothing …
My heart prays,
my heart is praying!
Ember and misery
throw them after tomorrow
the veil of sin and shame.
The veil of sin and shame –
do not give in to them
Ember and misery.
My heart prays,
My heart prays …
They want and promise nothing! –
Two beautiful eyes. Music, rays
in two beautiful eyes. Heart of a child …
Pejo Javorov

Doubt the sun clarity,
doubt the star light,
doubt if the truth can lie,
not only at my love.

William Shakespeare, from Hamlet

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