Bridal shoes should not only look beautiful, but also be comfortable, after all, you have to spend a whole day in these shoes. For many brides, a high heel on the best days of their lives is a must, so to speak. But it is just for those women who wear only flat shoes in everyday life, not just run with high heels. Sie an Ihrem Hochzeitstag am besten tragen sollten, können Sie jetzt in unserem Beitrag erfahren. Which bridal shoes you should wear best on your wedding day, you can find out now in our post.

High heels make for beautiful legs

Hohe Absätze sorgen für schöne Beine
Still, most brides prefer slim and high heels to your wedding dress. This is not surprising, because high heels conjure up on the fly super long and beautiful legs. In addition, such bridal gowns are perfectly staged by such shoes. No matter if the dress is short or long. If you also like to wear shoes with high heels in everyday life and feel good in them, then you should definitely refrain from such shoes even on your wedding day. High-heeled bridal shoes are glamorous and at the same time they look extremely elegant. But do not forget that you are very busy on your wedding day. It begins with the wedding ceremony, then it goes over to the champagne reception until the subsequent wedding, where until the early morning hours is danced pure. The bride has to stand a lot on this day as well as dance. For this reason, you should especially make sure that the shoes sit well. There would be nothing worse that day than the shoes start hurting in no time at all.

Even flat wedding shoes have their advantages

Auch flache Hochzeitsschuhe haben ihre Vorteile
It does not always have to be a high heel. Even a flat or low heel can be enough in many cases to visually stretch your legs. If you’re a tall woman and your husband is a little smaller, then you should forego high heels anyway. The partner appears even smaller, which makes a good impression, especially on the wedding photos. sehr gut. Flat bridal shoes are perfect for both short and long wedding dresses . Under a beautiful wedding dress shoes are usually not noticed. For example, flat ballerinas that sparkle a bit are very popular. For the summer also fine and chic sandals are suitable under the wedding dress. However, you should know here that well-maintained toenails and feet are a prerequisite!

How about two pairs of shoes?

Wie wäre es mit zwei Paar Schuhen?
It has become a trend that at a wedding two pairs of shoes are worn. For example, wear high-heeled shoes for the reception and the wedding ceremony, and then for the wedding party, where a lot of dancing takes place, flat shoes that look glamorous and elegant. With two pairs of bridal shoes, you’re by no means wrong, and you can make sure that you can dance without pain until early in the morning.

Go into the bridal shoes!

Laufen Sie die Brautschuhe ein!
If you want to prevent blisters, then it’s always a good idea to put the shoes in well before the wedding. Even if you have decided on flat shoes, they should be broken in between your own home the day before. Incidentally, this also applies to the groom! There are different occasions where you can put your shoes. In addition to your own four walls, you also have the option of putting on your shoes at the dance class for the wedding dance. However, the shoes should not be worn outside, because you should look like new on the wedding day. Therefore, make sure that the shoes do not get dirty. It is recommended to start with the shoes in about 2 weeks before the wedding. During this time the shoes can be worn every day.
Hochzeitsschuhe – Hohe oder flache Brautschuhe?

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