Soon you will marry your great love or you are celebrating a marriage anniversary and want to give something special with your partner? Make yourself a wedding ring tattoo! This unusual alternative to the traditional wedding ring is becoming more and more modern today and is simply perfect for expressing the love of your spouse. There are various great wedding ring tattoo motifs that you can stab” on the finger> , which have meaning both together and separately. And here are just a few original design ideas that could give you inspiration for a wedding ring tattoo. Enjoy reading!

Wedding ring tattoo motifs as an unusual alternative to the classic wedding ring

The wedding ring symbolizes love and loyalty, and usually stands for a solid relationship. Even in antiquity there was the custom that the man gives his lover a wedding ring. Today it is fashionable to decorate the rings of the insides with fonts and symbols – for example the wedding date or the spouse’s name. The wedding ring tattoo symbolizes an even stronger love, as it is difficult to remove. A great motive, engraved on the finger can also replace the classic ring, because it fulfills the same function. However, if you decide to do so, you should inform yourself in advance about the pros and cons – useful information in this regard can be found here. The wedding ring tattoo designs that we offer you look elegant and subtle, and can make your choice easier if you like the idea for such a tattoo.

Get a wedding ring tattoo: pros and cons

What speaks for a wedding ring tattoo? In the first place, these types of tattoos can be versatile – take a look at the photos to see for yourself! You can let your creativity and imagination run wild, and even create a great motive for you and your spouse. The tattoos stand for strong and eternal love, and are simply ideal to celebrate your relationship in a very original and special way, even if they have not made a marriage. You can not lose the tattoo, compared to the classic ring, and always carry – there are jobs in which you simply can not wear jewelry. In addition, tattoos cost significantly less than wedding rings, and these should not be “switched” as you go down or up. However, the wedding ring tattoos also have some disadvantages: in the first place, they are difficult to prick, and are a bit more painful than other tattoos, because the skin on the fingers is very sensitive. Such a tattoo can not be hidden – the only option in this case is that you can pierce the motif so that it can be covered with a ring. Furthermore, the tattoos on the fingers are very difficult to remove, so you should be sure of your choice if you choose. The stinging is not an easy task, so it is recommended to find an experienced tattoo artist. And as with all other tattoos, the wedding ring tattoos run the risk of fading over time – the only solution in this case is “piercing”. Another variant is that the tattoo is stung on the inside of the finger, which is also a bit more painful.

Romantic wedding ring tattoo motives for you and your partner

And what are the hottest tattoo designs you can choose? Most couples choose small hearts, the infinity sign, and of course the name of the partner, the wedding date, or the date they met for the first time. A ring tattoo instead of a real ring would also look very nice and stylish. Of course, you can also opt for unusual motifs and symbols with your partner – look at the photos above to get inspiration.

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