No matter if it storms outside and snows, we all dream of the pleasant spring when the wedding season starts. In addition to all the preparations that are associated with the wedding, you will certainly come up with the idea of ​​what your photo session will look like. It’s no secret that almost every woman dreamed of riding as a bride on a horse to the wedding hall. Whether you really come with the horse or not, the horse pictures for wedding photos are a wonderful idea. You will see many creative examples here in our picture gallery and also collect helpful

Everything should be planned for horse pictures: from dress to horse

Choose the style of your wedding photo session, then you should be aware of the wedding theme. The horse pictures are perfect for a rustic wedding, a vintage decoration or a romantic fairy tale with a princess and a carriage. No matter which topic you choose for your important day, the bridal gown should also be adapted to the whole conception. It should also fit the horse 🙂 Do not forget that you will be sitting on a horse and the dress should not slip up when you are sitting. Our recommendation – definitely wide-cut skirt – so give your wedding dress a Walleeffekt! The color of the dress can also be adapted to the horse. Eye-catching patterns look ugly at such wedding photosession. In the example photo above you can see a wonderful delicate wedding dress in pastel pink, which is perfectly combined with the flower wreath of the horse. The pink tones are perfect for a photo shoot with brown horses. But if you choose a romantic white horse for your wedding photos, then a white or a beige bridal gown looks more beautiful. Flowers are also an important part of the photo shoot and wedding and to create a whole, the colors of the flowers should be combined with the groom’s dress, horse and suit.

The horse is the most important thing in horse pictures and must be prepared!

The wedding starts with the dress and ends with the wedding photos. If the dress is already selected, we should prepare for the photo shoot and when it comes to horse pictures, of course, prepare the horse. In the first place we recommend you to check the location, if it is allowed for animals and for a horse. Just pointing to a field or just such a home in the background is a no-go! Preparing the horse means in most cases – cleaning. By no means don your dress before your horse is finished. Also   It is important to prepare the horse for the dress as well! Especially for anxious horses, it is certainly very useful to plan an anti-fright training in advance, so that the horse is then really not afraid of the very scary dress. Rustling fabric and flying fabric can be great stimuli for horses – and torn eyes or panic escape maneuvers look rather uncool in pictures.

Cowboy Wedding – for weddings like the wild Western you need a horse, cowboy shoes and jeans!

Creative idea: wedding rings on the horse hair

When mom and dad get married and kiss, the kids put their hands together in front of their faces – in this case the horses!

When shooting photos should always hold the two hands something – preferably the reins

Horse pictures are also perfect for weddings on the beach

The horses love the snow! Why not wedding photos with a horse for a winter wedding?

In one hand he has the love of his life, in the other – the best friend!

Lying on the beach is sexy, but lying on a horse on the beach is beautiful!

The groomsmen look very sexy on horses – the real cowboys at a wedding

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