The wedding is one of the most important events that happen in a person’s life. Therefore, you should take a lot of time and effort to design this event. Even the small organizational details should be given enough attention – from the place to celebrate, to guest lists, place cards, table decorations, and not least the wedding napkins. These are an integral part of any table decoration. The napkins for a wedding should be chosen to suit the style of the wedding. The colors and shapes are a matter of taste. There are many wedding wedding forms and options available today. These give a finished look and create a pleasant atmosphere for the guests, so it is recommended that you devote enough time to your selection. The napkins can be ordered as well as folded. If you feel like engaging in folding wedding napkins yourself, here are some brief instructions for doing so. Get inspired and treat yourself to stylishly folded napkins!

Folding wedding napkins is exciting and fun

If you yourself want to fold wedding napkins, you would certainly feel more fun in the preparation. In this way, you have the opportunity to give free rein to your creativity and to organize everything according to your wishes and tastes. This job is exciting and easy. Read our instructions for some napkin shapes. We wish you much success in folding!

Napkin shape Twisted fan

Rotated fans are elegant and easy to fold.

Step 1
First, fold the napkin apart so that you halve it in half. Then place the napkin with the open side in front of you.
step 2
Take the lower right corner of the upper layer and lay it to the left so that you form a triangle. The fold should be pressed smoothly as if it were made out of paper.
step 3
Then fold back to the right against the left half of the fold.
Step 4
Then you should fold the upper left corner to the middle, so that on the left side a triangle is created. So you have already folded the shape of the tricorne. If you want to prepare the napkins yourself, you can stack them on top of each other and store them in a box. Finally, you will roll them up and set them up.
Step 5
Finally, you should roll the three compartments backwards: It is recommended that you first start at the top of the rear fan and then roll it back a bit, then grab the next fan, roll it and finally take the third fan to do so. So you get the distances between the individual layers. If the napkin is not strengthened enough, you can attach it with a paper clip in an inconspicuous place.

Shirt napkin

Step 1
First disassemble the napkin and then fold into a triangle.
step 2
The lower edge should then be hammered once.
step 3
Then the napkin turn follows, so you have the back in front of you. Then lay the pages down.
Step 4
Now you have to fold down the lower part of the shirt.
Step 5
Finally, the pages are still a bit folded back. And so you have finished this interesting napkin shape! The decision on the napkin color is up to you.

Fir-tree napkin

Step 1
First of all, the napkin should be unfolded.
step 2
Then grab the bottom right corner and place it on the lower left corner. How to create a folded triangle on the upper layer. Then fold the left triangle of the top layer to the right.
step 3
You have to fold the lower left corner to the lower right corner.

Finally, you should put the left half to the right. Now you have finished this noble napkin shape and you can put up the Christmas tree.



The lily

The heart

The butterfly

The leaf

The Swan


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