You may be lucky enough to know a hairdresser whom you trust completely, who knows your hair better than anyone else, and can create you a great wedding hairstyle. If that’s not the case, well, you just have to look for one. Ask other brides whose wedding hairstyles you admired. Once you have a list of options, it’s time to make appointments for consultations: the only way to determine if a hairdresser is right for you. Skip this step and your wedding will look more hair-raising than head-turning. Whether you marry, act as a bridesmaid or just be the guest of honor at a wedding, this year we have the perfect wedding hairstyle for you – charming and girly

Wedding hairstyles – they should be prepared!

When you meet your wedding hairdresser for the first time, remember that he or she does not know your personal taste, so you will not only have to say but also show what you want to look like. Best of all, collect photos from magazines that show hairstyles that you like or look for good wedding hairstyles online. You can even take pictures of yourself or photos of a friend’s wedding – anything that will give him an indication of what kind of style you are looking for.

Bring pictures of yourself to the barber

Another clever idea: wear white for your advice – even a white T-shirt – so that your hair color is well presented. You should also choose a T-shirt with a neckline similar to your dress – certain hairstyles fit only to certain necklines.

These wedding hairstyles look totally, but finished in a few seconds and not difficult at all

Once your headpiece is in place, you need to have your wedding dress at hand, as your hairstyle will look different, so it’s important to bring it for consultation. If it has not arrived yet, ask your bridal salon to lend it for a rehearsal. Or bring a picture of it so that at least the stylist knows what to expect.

Document the hairstyle!

Speaking of photos, bring a camera with you. As soon as the stylist starts to work on her hair, ask her to photograph the hairstyle from four different angles – from the front, from the back and from both sides. That way, you’ll be able to see how you look from all views, and you get an idea of ​​how the stylist works, translated into photos.

Light Wedding Hairstyles – For Medium & Long Hair

Make a note of exactly what products and techniques were used. Since a wedding consultation takes place months before the actual event, it is important to take notes and take pictures so that you both remember what was right.

Choose the right time!

It is very important that you plan your hair appointment at exactly the right moment. If you make it too early, your hairstyle might start to look stale, not as solid as it was in the beginning. If you start late with hair styling, you will feel rushed. Make a note of the test runtime and then leave at least half an hour of free play for the real date. For example, if the wedding ceremony begins at 4 o’clock and your hair lasts one hour, schedule for 2:30.

On the wedding day it is important that they are quiet. Do not be upset by the way the stylist treats your curls, but propose an alternative, calmly and respectfully. You need the help of an expert who is right, but he must also be willing to help you achieve your goal.

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