The wedding season is open! You are invited to a wedding and have no idea what to give. Wedding Gift Money is extremely popular nowadays. This has the advantage for you that you do not have to stroll through the city to get something. Just handing over an envelope is boring and emotionless!

The challenge of packing original and creative wedding gifts is relatively large. But before that comes the question: “How much money is given to the wedding?” There are certain guidelines that you can use to orient yourself. We help you with that, but do not forget that the value is also heavily influenced by the situation and the relationship with the bride and groom. There is no such thing as a rule, but an old formula still works: you give as much to the wedding as you can drink or eat at the wedding. The guideline values ​​for a wedding present money lie between 50 and 100 euro. Do not worry, that’s enough for the comprehensible wish of every bride and groom – the honeymoon! The theme of your gift of money may also be inspired by this wish and you will be giving away money in a suitcase, as shown in the picture above. Imagine how original 100 Euro in 1 Euro pieces will look! Or in 1 cent! These are so many coins that look like a treasure that you can take some kind of treasure chest as a wedding gift idea. With a little sand and a lounger, the gift of money is perfect for a wedding by the sea! Here you will also find other creative wedding gift ideas with a suitcase:

Wedding gift money for a wedding by the sea

Wedding gift for newlyweds who like to travel: Suitcases full of clothes, but out of money!

Something else that fits perfectly with the honeymoon theme, especially if you’re invited to a travel-themed wedding – suitcases full of clothes made of cash! The dream of almost every bride is the clothes and the dream of men – money. With this wedding present you donate not only money, but you fulfill dreams! All you need is of course money – preferably several banknotes, and a suitcase where you can put the money. You can make it out of paper or buy a wooden case so that it remains as a reminder. The first step is to decorate the suitcase. The decoration is a matter of taste and here you can let your creativity run free. To create the shape of the clothes, you should fold the money. If you prefer romance, you can pack the case with love if you fold the money in the shape of a heart.

Give love in picture frames

Money Gift Picture Frame: DIY Instructions:

Money present in picture frame: wedding car

Funny wedding gift idea for wedding games: tinker chain of bills

Pack gifts nicely: Give money in a homemade box

Give away money originally for the wedding

Personal gift from the groomsman: fold a tie from money

Prepare wedding cake from money as a wedding gift

A money gift for a bright future

A money gift that is also suitable for a gift


Wedding gift money clothes dryer

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