Every fairy tale ends with a dreamlike wedding and a victory of love. Even in real life, the wedding day is the most emotional event. On this momentous day, every woman wants to look stunning – a fabulously beautiful wedding dress that reflects the beauty of eternal love! For this dream to become reality, it requires a lot of preparation and planning. We accompany you on the romantic journey from the preparation phase to the bridal dress purchase!

The search for the “dream in white” begins with the “YES legend”

All women already dream of their childhood from the ideal wedding dress. Let’s be honest – years before the marriage proposal begins preparations for the wedding day. But finding the ideal dress for the most romantic day in life can sometimes be a challenge. No one comes around for counseling and trying on. The first point in the plan “My Dream in White” is to decide on the style and cut line of the dress so that you narrow the search circle. In principle, you can collect great ideas on social media, but the meaningful wedding dresses proposals you get only in the bridal fashion business. The wedding experts will be at your disposal with help and advice and, like the fairy godmother of Cinderella, conjure up a stunning toilet for your ball of love. A good example of an individual and highly professional advice is Avinia.de – a pleasant and luxurious environment where your

Wedding dress cuts – That’s how the wedding dress fits right away!

Finally the time has come: The wedding dress will be tried on for the first time! So that the first look in the mirror in the bridal fashion business is really gorgeous, you should choose “class instead of mass”. Every year we look at how seasonal bridal fashion trends continue. Yesterday, lace wedding dresses were worn on the catwalk in New York, Madrid and Milan. Today we recommend that you pay not the highest attention to the fashion trends , but to the silhouette that suits you best. The most important thing is not what’s in or out, because that’s your eagerly anticipating day and only your vision for bridal gown is fundamental. Here are the wedding dress cuts and some valuable tips to help you clarify the dream dress vision:

The wedding dress with A-line form enjoys a steady high popularity among the brides. Due to the narrow cut of the top, the décolleté is gently emphasized. The flowing skirt hides the zones on legs, stomach, buttocks – all that causes discomfort. If you are looking for a slim, elegant and visually stretched silhouette, then this is the perfect cutting line for you.

Do you dream of standing like a princess in front of the altar? Opt for a duchesse cut line. This classic bridal gown accentuates your slim waist and the problem areas remain hidden under the voluminous bottom. That’s why the bridal gown princess is a dream of fine tulle for almost all women

This cut is aimed at all future brides who want to emphasize their feminine curves and slim waist and conceal their hips. The I dress gives you a soft and angelic look and when combined with a long train creates an elegant and regal look.

The empire dress creates an optical illusion that shifts your waist under the chest. The skirt falls loose and plays around the problem areas. The focus is on the décolleté, arms and shoulders. The empire cut line feminine and soft peps up your look.

  • Trumpet and fishtail line

This stunning cut line demands courage and flawless body. The dress best emphasizes your feminine curves and creates a brilliant look. The thighs and buttocks will be in the shade. The trumpet dress looks gorgeous without excessive embellishments or sparkling sequins. It is the favorite cutting line of Christian Dior. He once said that the secret of elegance lies in the simplicity of things.

The mini cut charms the natural beauty and your feminine charm. The décolleté is finely emphasized and your sexy and brilliant

The great love exists only once in a lifetime, just like the wedding! The tingling feeling of “having my dress” can be compared to love at first sight. Therefore, you choose the bridal gown, with which you are completely satisfied, and feel nice and well. Only a smile that comes from inside, lets you radiate on the wedding day! We hope that with the help of our tips you will find the wedding dress of your dreams and decorate it with the arms of your lover!

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