Looking for a new, trendy tattoo motif? Then you are right here! In this post we present you the beauty of the watercolor tattoo butterfly, which you will surely like. Apart from some modern design ideas, below you will also find information about the importance of tattooing and the water-color technique, which is becoming more and more popular today. Enjoy reading!

Watercolor Tattoo Butterfly: what meaning does the motif have?

The butterfly tattoo is undoubtedly a classic. He is especially popular with girls and women because of its attractive appearance. The motif is suitable for various body parts and can have different meanings – butterflies symbolize beauty, femininity and delicacy, but also stand for freedom and change. Because of this, this type of tattoo is just perfect for freedom-loving individuals. Furthermore, the butterfly is – especially in Japanese philosophy as a representation of the soul. The motif can also be combined really well with other elements – in this way you get a very individual and unique composition.

Watercolor Tattoo Butterfly – Inspirational Ideas and Designs

A watercolor tattoo butterfly looks very elegant, delicate and simply fascinating – see the photos above to see for yourself! In the watercolor technique, the play of colors is actually the most important thing – they should flow harmoniously into one another, so that a wonderful color effect is created. To achieve the desired result, look for an experienced tattoo artist who has done at least one tattoo. It is often said that watercolor” tattoos> hide over time, but since the technique is relatively new, it can not be told. If you are worried about it, it’s best to choose a body spot for the tattoo that is not constantly exposed to the sun’s rays. And if, over time, the tattoo becomes paler and loses its beautiful appearance, you can either remove it or simply have it stabbed.

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