Five Villeroy and Boch tile collections for the design of elegant and noble ambience. Be inspired by Creative System 4.0, Metallic Illusion, Monochrome Magic, Newtown and Bernina:

Villeroy and Boch tiles collection CREATIVE SYSTEM 4.0

The colors are crucial for a harmonious interior

The colors trigger emotions. They reassure or excite us and, when used properly, have many positive connotations. It is said that they are music for the eyes, and as such, make a decisive contribution to the harmony of a room. However, as always, when working with colors, it is important to coordinate the different shades. That’s the advantage of a well thought-out color system, such as the CREATIVE SYSTEM 4.0 tile series. The systematic construction of the concept allows for both colorful mixtures and fine color gradations.

The color can create a completely new atmosphere in a room and also add a flash of joy, bringing an end to the gray monotony of everyday life.
The visually regular carbon structure of today, offered in a variety of different design finishes, makes colors even more attractive, leaving them in a timelessly modern context

Villeroy and Boch tiles collection METALLIC ILLUSION

While rust was much slandered at the time, it now has an important design feature in both art and architecture. Not only sculptures, but also pictures, accessories and whole architectural elements bear traces of oxidized metal. The allure of rust lies in the beauty of its colorful aging process, the shades of dark brown to pastel green in a variety of different nuances.

METALLIC ILLUSION, a tile series in modern large formats up to 60 x 120 cm, is the ideal complement to this interior design style.
The surfaces have a cementitious structure with warm, rusty, rusty tones, as if the various metal elements had left their mark over time. With this varied design, the tiles are not only a very stylish addition to private living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, but also in the high-end hotel and shopfitting.

Villeroy and Boch tiles collection MONOCHROME MAGIC

Yes or no, black or white – the attraction of opposites in a clear, individual statement.
Strong contrasts in a concept that leaves room for individuality. MONOCHROME MAGIC makes a clear statement about modern minimalism by creating a great influence with just a few elements. The range of stoneware wall tiles embodies the tension between light and dark, between reduction and decoration. A style and attitude to life, which reflects above all in the preference of black and white, two colors, are totally opposite and yet have a perfect balance.

Yes or no, black or white – the attraction of opposites in a clear, individual statement.

The wall tiles in large format 40 x 120 cm are particularly elegant; This format works well for shower areas and creates a sense of space. The COSMO VISION collection is a stylish addition to the floor.

Villeroy and Boch tiles collection BERNINA

Villeroy and Boch tiles collection NEWTOWN

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