Flowers have an indispensable importance at various occasions and worldly festivals such as bridal bouquet at the wedding or bouquet of flowers at honors and anniversaries. Because of their striking flowers flowers are often used as decoration in the house or garden or serve as a template for garden decoration. In addition, giving away flowers on private or social occasions such as invitations, birthdays, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day has already become an integral part of everyday life. If you do not know the numerous flower species, you do not know how much you lost, because every flower has its own typical symbolism.

Every flower has its own meaning

Flowers from A to Z

What many do not know is that almost all flowers have a specific meaning. The most famous example of this is the beautiful and popular red rose, which is a sign of real love and has many followers worldwide. A measure of the symbolism of the flowers are not only their appearance and their charming effect, but also their color. We show you fascinating flower bouquet pictures, as well as a plant encyclopedia where you will find a short list of the most popular flower species, flower types and their respective meaning.


Famed as a lone fighter, the Amaryllis symbolizes above all attraction. Because this beautiful flower can survive a lot, but it stands for independence and willpower. Especially at Christmas time, the Amaryllis is given as a gift and for many family this is a popular gift.


Anthurium is a symbol of class and strength, especially in the more vibrant colors. Although this beautiful flower is synonymous for domination and dominance.


Immortality is most symbolized by Calla. The calla is very suitable for bridal bouquets, but of course it depends on your own taste.


Chrysanthemum brings joy in our everyday life. It is also a sign of tenacity. In red, it symbolizes true love.


Lilac will let us know when spring comes. Moreover, she is a sign for the bridge hiss two hearts in love. Some people also consider this flower as a sign of whether the partner has been faithful.


With their sweet fragrance, the beautiful freesias are a symbol of tenderness. They can also be interpreted as signs of happiness.


The gerbera really loves the sun. In warm weather, she feels really good. The Gerbera is characterized by its biodiversity and stands for growth and hope.


The iris brings the meaning of being creative and gifted and having a free mind. This was the favorite flower of the painter Vincent van Gogh. This can be seen by the fact that it is observed in many of his paintings. In addition, the iris is a symbol of good news.


Chamomile, like lilac, will let us know when spring has come. Besides, she is a favorite ingredient in our tea. Even as hope, this flower can be understood.


In the first place, lily means chastity and naivety. She also stands for knightly gesture and honest intentions. This flower is perfect for

Informality and naturalness brings with it this tender flower. Unstable feelings are shown when giving away daisies.


Daffodils are known as spring messengers. They are also a symbol of life and freshness. But do not forget where her name comes from – selfishness means daffodil, of course.


Little attention was formerly given to the carnation because it stood as a symbol for the workers’ movement. Nowadays, their meaning has changed and this flower in red color, for example, means strong passion, and giving it in white means loyalty and loyalty. Yellow carnation is a sign of friendship.


Seeing an orchid delights your eyes in a special way and is a worldwide favorite. A cut orchid in all kinds stands for patience and cunning.


As mentioned above, the rose is the most famous flower worldwide as a symbol of passionate love. Red roses give away the most people in love. Pink rose, on the other hand, symbolizes beauty and grandeur. White roses are often found in bridal bouquets as a symbol of innocence and loyalty.


The sunflower means fun, joy, warmth and a smile in every person. You are welcome to give sunflowers to someone you like most.


The Strelitzia are characterized by their exotic appearance of other flowers. It is unique and stands for something special and different.


The meaning of the tulip is also love and passion. The darker their color, the deeper the feelings expressed by the tulip. For romantic declaration of love, red tulips are especially appropriate. Yellow tulips symbolize contentment, pink tulips suggest tender feelings and orange tulips express fascination.


Violet is known as a discreet flower with a subtle appearance. It means innocence and simplicity. To observe are different colors.

forget Me Not

One of the most famous flowers is the forget-me-not. It is characterized by its striking name. Couples give away this flower as a sign of eternal love and faithfulness. This tender flower is also associated with togetherness.

Flowers for every occasion

Do not hesitate when choosing a bouquet in the florist! Now you know exactly the meaning of the world’s most well-known flower species and you can give your favorite people for every occasion a suitable flower, which brings undoubtedly joy and smile with it!

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