Valentine’s Day is coming in less than a month and it’s time to start decorating! This is a great way to arrange your Valentine’s Day decoration. Cozy pillows with hearts would look good on your coffee table or in your bedroom. With a lot of love and a little creativity, you can make Valentine’s Day 2019 – Decorate your own home with love
Valentinstag 2018 Wohnzimmer Deko
If you have not festively decorated your apartment in red, Valentine’s Day 2019 is a good occasion to make everything feminine, romantic and create a nice atmosphere. Sometimes it’s good to have a day where we can bring out our inner (pink!) Colors to the fullest, even if this is considered a bit commercial. They know that we rather like minimalistic decorations. In the next tutorials, we will be showing DIY decorations that will achieve the traditional Valentine’s Day look without blushing your entire home. The first guide is to create a heart wrapped in giant wool. You can hang it on the wall to surprise your better half or girlfriends when you make a small meeting. Does that sound convincing? It’s really easy to do, just look at the instructions:

Make Valentine’s Day Heart Decoration – It’s that easy

Valentinstag 2018 - Dekorieren Sie Ihre eigene Wohnung mit Liebe

The required materials:

Valentinstag Deko DIY Wanddeko selber machen

Step 1:

Valentinstag Deko DIY Wanddeko selber machen
Determine the right dimensions you need for the heart, cut the wire and bend it in the shape of the heart. Then twist the two ends together.

Step 2: Wrap the wool of the desired thickness around the wire.

Valentinstag Wanddeko selber machen Herzdeko


Valentinstag Wanddeko selber machen Herzdeko
Valentinstag Wanddeko selber machen Herzdeko

Not just Valentine’s Day decoration, but the best place for your little Valentine’s Day gifts

Schlafzimmer Deko Ideen für Valentinstag 2018

DIY instructions:

Valentinstag 2018 - Valentinstag Geschenke selber machen
Valentinstag 2018 - Trends für Deko Schlafzimmer

Still many DIY ideas and creative decorations for Valentine’s Day

Valentinstag 2018 - Deko Ideen für Wohnzimmer
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Valentinstag Deko für Frauen
Valentinstag 2018 - Herz Deko ist angesagt
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Valentinstag Deko 2018 selber machen Anleitung
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Valentinstag 2018 - Herz Deko Ideen

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