The gold fruit palm is one of the most popular indoor plants. When there is a golden fruit palm in the room, it radiates the whole room and you automatically think of sun, sea and beach. And you could like to have that holiday feeling in your own home. The palm will grow slowly, but if you have patience and allow the plant to grow properly, you may at some point look proudly onto a stately palm tree several meters high and enjoy this gift from Madagascar.

Gold fruit palm – the Madagascar pearl

Gold fruit palm decoration for inside and outside

Gold fruit palms are not only popular as indoor plants. Some people put a lot of value on them as a decoration for a balcony, veranda or garden. The beautiful green leaves are the reason why they are preferred as a lucky charm at home. They bring a happy mood with them even in the cold months of the year, by giving them enough and proper care. One is one hundred percent sure – if you opt for a gold fruit palm, create this variety of replacements in the apartment!

Tips for proper care of golden fruit palm

Of prime importance for the growth of this sunny palm tree are first of all light and water. From spring to autumn, the gold fruit palm should best be in a bright place. The room temperature should never fall below 15 ° C, the best is a temperature between 18 ° and 22 ° C. To water the plant, you should note that the palm is quite thirsty, but can not endure waterlogging. Therefore, pour them regularly, so that the root ball is always moist, but remove excess irrigation water from the saucer. Fertilization is only necessary if the growth phase occurs from spring to summer. With good growth, the gold fruit palm is moved every two to three years in a larger planter, ideally in the Months from March to April. Do not forget the fact that the tap root should not be damaged during repotting. In the summer months you can use the pot with the palm too   put into the open air, of course not in the collapsing sun, but in a bright to partially shaded place. The effect is very exotic when you place the golden fruit palm between native green plants or flowering shrubs.


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