Upholstered perennials are now found in many gardens. They are preferred as ground cover, as they do not reach a great height and form many small and beautiful blooms. The plant is ideal not only for the greening of larger areas, but also finds wide application in the grave planting, since it is very robust and undemanding. In this article you will find an overview of the most beautiful species of this herforragengen plant and numerous care tips that can help you.

Upholstered perennials – characteristic features

Upholstered perennials offer many design options in the garden – whether as a ground cover, as the edge of a flowerbed or in a flowerpot – they always look beautiful. The ideal planting time is in the months of March to May or in September and October. As mentioned above, this plant is not at all demanding when it comes to the conditions of the environment – it can be easily planted in a rock garden, next to the garden fence or in a shady spot, for example under a large tree. The planting density should not be too large, because there are species that spread quite well. If you want to have the plant as ground cover in your garden, a little patience is required – the upholstery trees are not among the fast-growing plant species and need time to form a beautiful green carpet.

Useful tips for optimal growth

The plant does not need regular watering, but you should make sure that the soil does not dry out very much. Even if it grows in a rock garden, that does not mean that it can be left completely without water. One should pour in the later evening or in the Morgenstungen, so that the water does not evaporate immediately – a rule, which applies equally to all garden plants. In spring it is especially important to loosen up the soil around the upholstery. In the winter months, they should be covered with straw or leaves so as not to freeze. The plants are only trimmed if necessary, so that they do not spread too much.

Circling flower (Iberis saxatilis)

Upholstered perennials bloom in spring in many different colors. Especially popular is the kind of flower, which is characterized by its beautiful white flowers. The flower can reach a height of about 30 centimeters, making it one of the highest upholstered perennials. This species is also hardy and can give your garden a nice look even in the cold season.

Carnation (Dianthus deltoids)

Another impressive species is the peony. It flowers in the months of May and June in the delicate nuances of pink, white or light purple. The special thing about this species is its interesting foliage. It shines in a steel blue, which makes the plants particularly attractive outside the flowering period. The species is ideal for a rock garden, as it is found in the wild in stony and rocky areas.

October Gentian (Gentiana sino-ornata)

The October gentian leaves a strong impression with its large deep blue flowers. This species is one of the few upholstery shrubs that is particularly demanding. Few gardeners succeed in cultivating this beautiful plant successfully. For this purpose, the soil should be acidic enough and contain as many nutrients as possible.

Carpet gypsophila (Gypsophila repens)

The carpet veil flowers in all nuances of pink and white. His small flowers are from Jun ibis far into the late autumn to see. The plants spread out like a carpet, making it ideal for planting larger areas. It is also extremely robust and really easy to care for.

Hornwort (Cerastium tomentosum)

The hornwort is widely used for its beauty – it has a silver foliage and small white flowers that can be seen in the months of May and June. The hornwort is a shade-loving plant that can grow well on walls, which makes it particularly attractive. However, it is important not to overdo it with watering – a little water is sufficient to make the hornwort grow well.

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