It’s time to think about flooring again. The tiles come back into play, as they have many uses for each room and require little care. You have already selected the tiles, the shape is clear. But is that all you should consider? Of course not! The flooring can be the eye-catcher in the design of any room. But you have to bring a personal touch. To create a unique interior design, you need inspiration and tile laying patterns. You can find the two with us!

Why do you need to know tile laying patterns?

Of course, the tiles are the absolute eye-catcher. But there are so many styles with different figures and ornaments and for them to work as a total picture, you need tile laying patterns. They help to integrate the tiles in the interior design. And so you get a modern design that is unique. Play with the forms, because there are no limits to the imagination. Rooms, bath or kitchen offer the possibility to lay wall and floor tiles. Exactly the laying patterns help to create a harmonious unity in the interior. Get ideas from our creative examples and create your stylish and modern floor. The most important thing is to show your individuality with the tile laying patterns!

Cross joints

The traditional laying, which you know certainly, call the experts “Kreuzfuge”. Laying the tiles in the dressing will never go out of style. It is a classic and is perfect for living room or dining room. This dressing fits perfectly with the ceramic tiles, also for these marble. It is recommended, if your tiles with figures and ornaments are to select these laying patterns. This laying creates clear forms creates a uniform look. It fits in perfectly with all living styles, most of all to the modern interior design style.

Roman bandage to create a rustic look

The Roman Association transforms all tile into a unified work of art. This is our top choice for natural stones and most for outdoor use. They create a unique look when you combine four or five types of tiles (the picture combines six basic patterns). These tile laying patterns create a Mediterranean touch and are perfect for rustic decor. The Roman bandage is breathtaking when you lay the tiles on the wall in a country-style kitchen.

Herringbone bandage for a warm wood look

You want a warm and homely look of your flooring and are thrilled with the wood parquet, but prefer tiles? We already have the solution for you! Tiles with wood look, laid with herringbone bandage! This laying is very reminiscent of the old wood parquet and can combine two living styles. Just imagine – modern design with simple tiles with a warm look. Fantastic! In the bathroom, these tile laying patterns can also be used, especially as a bathtub cladding.

Laying pattern inspired by minimalism

Trendy are the large gray square tiles. These can traditionally be laid with cross-jointing technology. But we recommend a diagonal installation. It is associated with clear forms and order. Even more structured affects the half-band. So you feel symmetry and movement that have a calming effect. Below are many examples of installation patterns. Do you know how to learn with her and you will think up an individual laying!

Cross dressing with inlays is perfect for the kitchen

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