Instructions for unicorn costume for children

Einhorn Kostüm: leichte Anleitung
This unicorn costume is very light because who does not like it? It’s cute and fast and it goes well with any color.

All you need is:

  • colorful faux fur
  • shirt
  • tights
  • tiara
  • filler
  • felt
  • hair colour
  • glue gun
  • Lightweight board
  1. We start with the hooves. This faux fur is an inspiration for the color of the whole look. You can easily create the hooves with the help of a glue gun. Just cut a rectangle and glue the two sides together. The faux fur prevents the hem and becomes invisible.

Einhorn Kostüm selber machen: Schritt 1
2. Make the hooves the right size so your child can wear them as socks.
Einhorn Kostüm selber machen: Schritt 2
3. Cut out smaller version for the hands.
Einhorn Kostüm selber machen: Schritt 3
4. The tail is done in the same way.
Einhorn Kostüm selber machen: Schritt 4
6. Next step is the horn. You can make it as big as you wish: the bigger, the heavier and easier it is. We recommend not making the horn too big so that it is more comfortable for your child.
Einhorn Kostüm selber machen: Schritt 5
7. Use cone shape pattern for the horn
Einhorn Kostüm selber machen: Schritt 6
8. Then glue both sides together to make an ice cream cone shape. Add the filler and stick it to the tiara. From the felt, make the ears and colorful flowers for a sweet look.
Einhorn Kostüm selber machen: Schritt 7
9. You can easily create the feather look: Use the hot glue as shown before staining the light weight panel in white.
Einhorn Kostüm selber machen: Schritt 8
And here’s the result: is not that an extra cute unicorn?
Einhorn Kostüm selber machen: Resultat

Unicorn costume for adults

Partnerlook mit Einhorn Kostüm für Fasching
A unicorn costume is not just for the little ones. The unicorn look has been very trendy lately: ladies wear such unicorn costumes at parties and even their partners are ready for a partner look. There are many variations of unicorn costumes and it all depends on the taste. You can wear a tulle skirt for the costume, or just wear your favorite dress. But there are some motives that are obligatory. In the first place are the bright colors. Here we do not recommend dark nuances, as the unicorn is a creature of positivity, luck and magic. The wig is an accessory that many ladies wear for a magical and fancy look. With a wig you become really unrecognizable. Make-up is also a very important element. Here you can be brave and play with your imagination. Put on artificial eyelashes, color your eyebrows in green and add pearls and glitter. Here is the motto: The more, the better. Apply silver blush and gaudy lipstick and you’re ready for

Stars with unicorn costume

If you are not yet sure whether a unicorn costume is the best choice for carnival or a theme party, have a look at our gallery. A unicorn costume is also the choice of many celebrities. Bloggers and breastfeeding icons around the world wear it for Halloween, and with such a look, they are also more fun. We are also inspired by this and have many great suggestions for you.
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