Beautiful hair is considered a beauty attribute in both men and women. Therefore, you need proper care, but also a suitable hairstyle. Do you want to attract everyone’s attention? Then put your hair in the right place by giving them more attractiveness. The attractive hairstyles are no limits.

What is an undercut with transition?

An undercut is a hairstyle in which the top coat is significantly longer than the undercoat. This means that the hair is cut on the side and back. The greater the difference in hair lengths, the more obvious the undercut will be. Undercut was one of the most popular male hairstyles in recent years. Today he is again considered an extremely popular and versatile trend hairstyle. No wonder so many stars like David Beckham, Colin Farrell and David Garrett and Leonardo DiCaprio have opted for this haircut. The undercut with transition is mainly about the hair getting longer and longer.

Eye-catching undercut for self-confident connoisseurs of the fashion scene!

For a long time, many women choose the short hair cuts, so that Undercut is becoming popular with more and more women. This hairstyle stands as a symbol of their self-confidence and gives them more extravagance. A great idea for those who want to be different from other women.

Extremely feminine silhouette!

Do you want to have your hair cut like that? Before you decide on this haircut, you should first think about something good: he fits your type or not! Because this is an extravagant hairstyle. Discover more ideas in the following gallery! Let yourself be inspired!

Volume makes for a cool look!

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