Turquoise hair – impressive, multi-faceted and really modern

türkise Haare romantische Wellen
türkise Haare Strähnchen Violett fabelhaft
türkise Haare färben toller Look
türkise Haare Strähnen Tönung silberne Note
türkise Haare Tönung professionell gemacht
türkise Haare lang modern intensive Farbe
türkise Haare Ideen für Frisuren
türkise Haare verschiedene Nuancen
türkise Haare einzelnen Strähnen moderner Look
türkise Haare Ombre Effekt Spitzen pastellig
türkise Haare färben vorher nachhher
türkise Haare sehr lang fabelhafter Look
türkise Haare lang wellig Violett Schimmer
türkise Haare sehr hell pastellig
türkise Haare Ozean herrlicher Look
türkise Haare färben zu Halloween
türkise Haare Ombre Effekt erstaunlich
türkise Haare pastellig moderner Look
türkise Haare lang wellig Ombre Effekt
Turquoise blue is reminiscent of the ocean or the crystal clear sky. For this reason, color is traditionally associated with harmony, peace and freedom. This makes turquoise hair just perfect for freedom-loving ladies who strive for harmony and perfection. There are a huge number of different tints possible, and the color can be from bright and intense to pastel and soft – depending on your personal feelings and, of course, skin tone and eye color. Actually, the color fits best to a pale skin tone and brightest possible eyes. The natural brunettes should not give it up – the blue strands with several shades, combined with other dark shades such as purple, can create a harmonious transition between the warm skin tone and the cool-looking turquoise blue. The coloring or tinting can of course also make yourself (below we explain how), but if you want a professional result, we recommend you to go to an experienced hairdresser. Especially popular today are the pastel blue shades, which can give you a really fabulous look – examples can be found in our photos.

Turquoise dyeing hair – pros and cons

türkise Haare Ombre dunkler Haaransatz
türkise Haare Frisurentrend 2018
türkise Haare Stars Billie Eilish
türkise Haare Stars Demi Lovato
türkise Haare auffällig Reverse Ombre
türkise Haare selber färben Anleitung
türkise Haare tolle Flechtfrisur
türkise Haare zwei Flechtzöpfe
türkise Haare pastellig romentische Lockenfrisur
türkise Haare intensive Farbe

It is not impossible to dye yourself fantastic turquoise hair at home, but you should only follow a few simple rules. First, you should know that the blue color does not last long. This is actually the biggest disadvantage of the turquoise hairs (besides the fact that they can be rather unsuitable for professional reasons), and is due to the fact that it is an artificial color pigment that can not hold well in the hair – the same is the Case, for example, Turquoise dyeing hair – helpful tips

türkise Haare extravaganter Look
türkise Haare Bob Frisur Katy Perry
türkise Haare eindrucksvolle kurze Frisur
türkise Haare färben hilfreich Tipps
türkise Haare lang herrlicher Look
türkise Haare Langhaarfrisur Spitzen Ombre
türkise Haare Tönungen pastellig
türkise Haare leuchtend Langhaarfrisur
türkise Haare lila Strähnen lockiges Haar
türkise Haare mittellange Frisur
Among our photos you will find great ideas for hairstyles and tints that you could try for yourself. It is not a must to dye your mane completely in turquoise – you can also try an ombre or balayage variant. If you still doubt that the turquoise hair color will suit you well, you could first try it with turquoise Grafitti Hair Spray or Hair Mascara. The result is a hair wash and is actually best on blonde hair. This is also a good choice if you want a distinctive hairstyle for special occasions, such as New Year’s Eve, Halloween etc.

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