Not only is the midsummer weather tropical at the moment – as far as the domestic interior design is concerned, we now get the holiday feeling of distant countries into our own four walls. Whether Bahamas, Sri Lanka or Bali – with the currently trendy furniture trend Tropical Paradise , you can easily get your dream destinations home. Equipped with the right furniture and accessories, only a cocktail is missing in the hand and your own four walls turn into an exotic oasis of well-being in the twinkling of an eye.

Travel to distant lands with rattan

For a long time disappeared from the scene, rattan furniture is celebrating a brilliant comeback this year. The artistically curved wood of the Asian rattan palm radiates the warmth, serenity and lightness of distant lands like no other material. Stools, armchairs and wooden benches, in combination with light, comfortable cushions, transform your terrace or balcony into a lounge where you can relax. Used as an eye-catcher in the living or dining area, furniture and accessories such as lampshades or rattan mirrors provide year-round, exotic flair. Living textiles in natural colors such as cream, beige or white together with the wood create a unified overall picture that radiates comfort and tranquility. Our care tip: To keep the material elastic, wipe the furniture occasionally with a slightly damp cloth and then dry it well. Garden furniture is the best way to bring winter indoors.

It may shine

Golden temples, palaces and statues – Asian countries like Thailand or Vietnam are known for that. Of course, golden details should not be missed when it comes to the Tropical Paradise trend. Here, however, it depends on the right dose. So you should not dive your entire living room in gold. This quickly seems exaggerated and tasteless. With candle holders, lampshades or other subtle elements, on the other hand, you can set fine and elegant accents that visually enhance every room. For a long time frowned upon, but meanwhile again announced, is by the way golden cutlery as well as dishes with shining yellow ornaments. So do not throw away grandma’s old gold edge plates, but skillfully stage your heirlooms now.

The little jungle for the home

Foggy, lush, green, mystical forests – this picture is probably the most people’s head when they think of tropical landscapes. But the mere idea does not have to stay that way. With different houseplants you now get your own little jungle in the middle of the living room. Drawn in hanging poles or in conspicuous plant pots, succulents are back again. Since they store water well, they are also suitable for outdoor use in warm temperatures. Otherwise, the motto is: the more conspicuous, the better. Especially specimens with large leaves such as the Montsera (often called “window leaf”) create a lively rainforest atmosphere in every room.

Tender paper produces soft light

Now in the summer, the evenings are getting longer again, but eventually the sun goes off even after work. So that balmy nights with friends or family do not have to end prematurely, it depends on the right lighting. In soft light are dipped terrace or living room by lamps and lighting elements with paper umbrellas. Known from Asia, the delicate light sources spread a warm and comfortable atmosphere. As small lanterns or fairy lights, they are quickly mounted both indoors and out.

The home becomes a holiday paradise

The Tropical Paradise furnishing trend will bring you the unique atmosphere of distant countries quickly and easily into your own home. Rattan furniture in combination with golden accessories, pleasant light sources and many plants make your home a real holiday paradise all year round. There is no wanderlust.

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