Bring in your home a tropical touch and exotic touch with Zimmerbambus! He looks beautiful as a deco and does not need so much care and attention. The perfect combination! The Zimmerbambus meet in different ways – small, in a vase, in a pot, astonishing or airy. One thing is clear – the bamboo will be the focus of every room and all guests will enjoy it. But first check our tips before buying this plant. We also give care tips so that your bamboo can give you a long lasting pleasure.

Choose the right location for your room bamboo

Before you decide for the Zimmerbambus, think about the location. These plants always need a bright to sunny spot. If you have the opportunity, leave your bamboo outdoors in the summer. It is surprising, but the bamboo looks exotic and beautiful in the bathroom and also feels comfortable because of the high humidity. It is very suitable for temperatures from 20 ° C to 25 ° C in spring to fall.

Pouring and fertilizing the Zimmerbambuses

The recipe for a land-based bamboo: Water abundantly and never let it dry out. It is especially important that the root ball should never dry out. In winter, pour a little more sparingly. While your bamboo grows, provide it with commercially available flower fertilizer every four weeks. Fertilize regularly from spring to autumn.

Cutting and binding

You do not need to cut the bamboo as this plant grows by itself. But if he gets too big, you can cut back but bring it into the previous form. If you have luck bamboo, tie the stems into shape after cutting. When you use a red ribbon, happiness symbolizes. With pebbles your bamboo is transformed into a stunning decoration!

Do not forget that your bamboo will delight you and you must pay attention to it regularly! Have fun with the Zimmerbambus!

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