Christmas is a season to drink and be happy, eat and be entertained and try to spend this Christmas as happily as possible. Choose an outfit for your Christmas dinner (or lunch) in the traditional red / green colors. It may be a little too much – sure, it’s cute for kids, but for adults? So instead of risking trying with topic nails? See the great ideas on the topic: nail design for Christmas.

Nail art design for Christmas – red and green glitter


You do not have to be too flashy with the red-green combination, so a few glittery flakes on a white or beige base could be the perfect touch. If you can not find both colors in one bottle, just take one of them and combine them with the other.

Nail art design for Christmas – Frosty the snowman

This snowman is just too cute and I love the snow effect of the rest of the nails. If you do not have a superfine brush to make your funny snowman, just use a toothpick.

Nail art design for Christmas – Rudolph

Rudolph is just so damn gorgeous, but if you’re not patient, just make one of them an accent nail.

Simple tree

For those of you who prefer a minimalist design with clean lines, the metallic tree would be an option. As long as you have some tape, you can pull this easily. Top Tip: Use Cello Tape Instead of Painter Tape – the polish will not bleed so much.

Nail art design for Christmas – Realistic tree

These trees are actually even easier to do, since you do not need to cut the tape into triangles – just two thin strips and you’re done! Then you can decorate your trees as you like.

Nail art design for Christmas – soft snowflakes

These snowflakes are perfect for a cool Christmas, you can use almost any ground color; It does not have to be a traditional color – these would look great even on black nails. Remember, if you do not have a small tool, just use the tip of a mechanical pencil.

Deck the Halls … A little holly accent on your French lace is the perfect little detail for your nails that looks as festive as you feel. Sometimes less is more!

Nail art design for Christmas – winter snowfall

With a simple combination of navy and silver glitter, you have super quick and easy snowfall nails!

Christmas Pudding – Just from medieval England these Christmas pudding nails come! And they are not really that hard to do …

Nail art design for Christmas santa claus

There are a number of Santa Claus characters who are simply in love.

Nail design for Christmas – Elegant sham

Matching colors, finely ground, for those of you who prefer the subtle refinement. A touch of shine!

Christmas Elf – I’ve seen a lot of Santa Clauses and Rudolphs, but it seems that the Elves who are doing all the hard work back in the North Pole are forgotten! So here’s a toast for the little busy workers!

Give me a present

If you have a steady hand, you can actually hand over these little gifts; but if you have rather shaky hands, just use a little ribbon to get boxing shapes. And do not fret too much about perfection.

Festive Water Marbling – Everyone knows about the stunning technique of water-marbling, so you can now put it into practice with Christmas colors!

Abstract tree

This may take a bit more time than the previous trees, but it is more fun and unconventional. I would choose a white background so that it stands out more.

Alternating French Manicure – Take the concept of a French manicure, but use Christmas colors with it. And to make it even more interesting, do an alternative finger.

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