For most people, the bathroom has become a personal sanctuary. It’s not just a room where you wash off the dirt. Modern bathrooms are a personal healing area where you can relieve the stress of the day and relax. So, when you renovate your bathroom, you not only create a bathroom that suits your purpose, but you create a place where you can easily relax and find yourself. Every perspective and component must lead to this goal while meeting the practical requirements of the

If you’re building a new home or planning a renovation, the following list of hotly-hung bathroom design trends from 2017 will inspire your creativity. You’ll find really cool 2017 bathroom designs that you can adopt and customize to your specific needs.

Modern bathrooms are small and efficient

The bathroom interior design trend for 2017 is moving towards smaller bathrooms with a focus on efficient use and limited luxury.
A small, comfortable and yet unobstructed bathroom – the secret lies in the efficient use of available space. Every centimeter must be used optimally. Freestanding bathtubs are currently becoming popular. In the present you will find smaller toilet bowl in ornate designs, as well as smaller sinks unique in design. Other features that now form part of a smaller bathroom, while increasing the sense of space, include walk-in showers, more shelves instead of cabinets, and freestanding vanity units.

modern bathrooms with high tech toilets

A high-tech toilet bowl nowadays includes seat warmers, automatic opening and closing, adjustable air dryers, built-in disinfection and deodorizing systems and so on (lighting, sensing motion sensor, quick release). Another popular feature is the wireless music player, which automatically turns on when you open the toilet lid. It switches off automatically again when the toilet lid lowers again. You can also find high-tech at the showers. The smart showers know the preferred temperature and turn on your favorite music while you’re in the shower. Or you can have a small fridge in the bathroom where you can store medicine or cold drinks.

Accessories in brass and gold tones return

These new shades are the perfect contrast to the cool gray colors that have been very popular in recent years. The warm golden tone gives every room the right amount of depth, width and luxury. The noble materials such as brass, copper and marble provide a touch of nostalgia when it comes to the faucets or sink. Also popular are rustic bathrooms where natural stone tiles are used. Modern bathrooms with a rustic style come with wooden furniture in dark colors.

Neutral style but with natural basic tones

Neutral decors are very popular nowadays. The owners love white, creamy white and light brown. These colors make the room look modern and elegant. Materials such as brick, wood and natural stone find numerous uses in the bathroom. There are many ways to combine the neutral style with a relaxing, organic accent. You can make a mosaic wall with leaves and birds, or lay a brick-walled ceramic tile wall, or place lighting as if the sun is shining directly into the room. There are endless bathroom design ideas that can make you design your dream bathroom.

modern bathrooms with unique flow design

In 2017, the laying of tiles with unique and interesting geometry patterns is very topical. These eye-catching patterns do not just create a cozy atmosphere, they are used in the bathroom as back walls, accentuating accents and large wall backgrounds. Tiles in light blue or turquoise underline the special atmosphere in a modern bathroom. For the entire experience in the bathroom and the elegant bathroom accessories. If you are looking for a simple, risk-free way to revitalize your bathroom, try some of the best trends.

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