Do you feel the warm summery foehn wind on your skin spreading the beautiful summer feeling of long days, warm nights, love, freedom, dreams, sea? Oh, dear summer, why are you running so fast? With the approach of autumn we find it harder and harder not to let out some loud sighs. Do you want to extend the summer? We have revealed the general cure for the impatience for the coming summer season: some living ideas that are all about the summer.

The watermelon trend in home decorating is the real staging of the infinite summer, as is

Are you a colorful person who always finds the positives in life, then give your home a personal style that suits your lifestyle. The secret behind the successful mix is ​​the right combination of your favorite things – colors, patterns, shapes. You are totally obsessed with the watermelons, then integrate your obsession in a beautiful home design. Here are some setup tips that can solve any design dilemma.

3 golden furnishings tips

  1. The best mix is ​​a harmonious ensemble of personal style, new and old furniture and homemade centerpieces.
  2. The restrained wall design in bright pastel colors is the ideal basis for eye-catching furniture in bold colors. If you put on patterned wallpaper in the wall design, then the decor should be in bright colors. This creates the best contrast, without causing a confused mess.
  3. The color concept includes up to 3 different colors. The combination of the pastel colors – mint and pink, are very trendy, the so-called watermelon trend.

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