The know-how of Treca beds: sleeping is raised to a kind of form. Since 1960, Treca Interiors Paris has been working with some of the world’s greatest designers, such as Annette Lang, Matteo Thun and Andrea Weber, to create aesthetically pleasing and luxuriously ergonomic beds that offer the ultimate in healthy sleep. Treca beds show the attention to detail with the effort to continue the reputation that they have already made.
Treca Interiors Paris has recently created a new wave of luxury in collaboration with top designers. The bed was chosen as the finishing touch to the spectacular mega yacht designed by Philippe Starck. With its finesse in design and quality, this bed by Treca Interiors Paris has been used in the prestigious Hotel Ritz Paris and also chosen as a model bed to present the fine selection of Hermes bedding in Hermes Boutique.

Haute couture beds with an organic edge

Treca Interiors Paris even tries to replace synthetic materials with organic ones. Natural materials such as microfiber, phyto-bio wool, sea cell and Ingeo not only have a less damaging effect on the environment, but are also inherently hypoallergenic, antibacterial, aerating and very durable.

Treca – natural materials and handcrafted from France

Treca Interiors Paris has launched the Platinum Collection, which presents a collection of the company’s most extraordinary top products. With this universe of exclusive excellence, Treca beds bring the mastery of the art of sleep. The Platinum Premier beds are specially designed to bring the ultimate comfort to your sleeping pleasure with all their rare and natural raw materials such as silk, linen, cashmere, camel hair, bamboo fiber and its innovative asymmetric double suspension.

To complement their mattresses, Treca Interiors Paris has a range of well-known extravagant bed frames and furniture through haute couture to give a celebrity touch to your bedroom.

Treca Beds – Choosing a good bed is crucial

COLETTE in red

COLETTE is a distinctive headboard, enriched with stitching and upholstery. It can be sourced in your own “ready-to-wear” range or in “haute couture” with your own fabric. Our version in the saddle stitching is covered in leather and the last word in refinement. * This headboard, with a retro look, reflects the spirit and comfort of a sofa. The big “cushions” have decorated loose covers with piping. In this headboard, with a retro look reflects the spirit and comfort of a sofa again. The big “cushions” have decorated loose covers with piping.


CHLOÉ combines haute couture and attractive design. The shape is straightforward, but the volumes are subtly created by diamond-shaped upholstery through piping. The goal is a refinement, full of tenderness and emotion and to express the coziness of the traditional French boudoir.


DIAMOND BRUT has a slim surrounding wooden frame. His double stitching outlines many small diamonds that create the contours of this bedhead. The frame is available in three finishes: lacquered (black, white or RAL on request), walnut (matt or glossy) and Makassar ebony.

DIAMANT plays with the reflecting light, which makes the many facets of this unique gemstone possible.


CARAT, in a subtle and understated style, will charm you with its geometric and calming power. You can use the pipes and buttons to subtly create a contrast effect. The colors vary and can play on different fabrics or on leather.
CONSTELLATION, a headboard of imposing majesty placed in elaborately decorated surroundings. He is the ideal choice for the Platinum bed sets. Resting on the floor, attached to the wall and extending laterally over both sides of the bed, Constellation will beautify your bedroom with its impressive presence.


CASUAL not only has the shape of a pillow, but also the comfortable feel of a pillow. Jump on the before you go to sleep.


CUBE, a pure expression of contemporary design, is characterized by its volume and its clean geometric proportions.


CUBE WIDE, which extends over the bed base on both sides, has a simple shape as opposed to the imposing dimensions. Full of elegance and grandeur. Particularly well suited to a modern interior, the leather upholstery exudes a timeless luxury.

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